June 18


Will Social Media Kill Email?

By Joseph Philip

June 18, 2021

The phenomenal rise of social media to an extent has created a big wave of excitement in the online marketing industry. With social media these days, it is very easy to share information and also connect with like-minded individuals.

A recent study by Nielsen – an advertising research company revealed that “Nearly 25% of the time Americans spend online is spent on social networks, an increase of 43% over the previous year.”

Naturally, marketers and analysts are faced with questions such as:

1. Will social media replace email marketing?

2. Can email survive the onslaught of social media?

The right answer to these questions is simply this – Email isn't going anywhere yet.

And here are 5 reasons why social media will not kill email…

1. You (most times) need an email to connect social networks
One common denominator of all social media networks is Email. It is described as a glue. These days, it's almost impossible to create an online profile without having to provide an email address.

2. Email and mobile work well together
In the same Nielsen study referred to above, it has been discovered that email is the most dominant activity on mobile devices and the trend also increasing. In fact, an average of 25 minutes is spent with email for every hour spent on a mobile device.

3. Email can deliver relevant and targeted content
With the advancements in email marketing and marketing automation systems, marketers now make it possible to reach individuals in their email list with very relevant and timely messages.

4. Email remains the most preferred medium of communication in business
In business, security and confidentiality are very important. It will be hard to imagine sending company confidential messages via linkedin or facebook.

5. Email is also social
Sharing content with family, friends or colleagues via email still remains one of the most important ways to share content. This shows that there is a synergy between email and social networks where we find interesting and exciting content,, and share it with people who are closest to us.

This is why you should begin to implement email marketing into your business and not continue to pin all your marketing hopes on social media alone.

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