August 31



By Joseph Philip

August 31, 2020

The online space is awash with lots of success stories.


These success stories excite a whole lot of people who are carried away by its allure and want to quickly replicate it.


One thing I have however learnt in life is this – for every success story, there are hundreds if not thousands of stories of failures behind the scene.


And this is what many people don’t get.


Failure is an integral part of success.


Failure teaches you vital lessons that will help shape your thoughts, mindset and attitude.


Failure helps you to know what works and what doesn’t.


Failure gives you the edge to know better.


Let me put it this way – failure equips you with better knowledge.


But many people detest failure.


Even myself.




Way back, I never loved to hear NO to my proposals or marketing outreach.


It used to discourage me – BIG TIME.


Once a prospect told me NO, that response would weaken me and fill me with the thought that “If this prospect said no, what if the next person says no? It’s better I just stop this marketing.”




That was my thought way back then.


Not until I read the book – The Prosperous Coach by Rich Litvin that I now became aware of the fact that the more NO’s I have, the closer I am to a YES.


This distinction changed my mindset and made me confident never to lose my peace even if someone said NO to my proposal.


I have come to discover that my failures are “A SHINING LIGHT” on the path to my SUCCESS.


One major thing I continue to learn along this path of life is that failures are better teachers than success.


Look at your life right now.


What are you failing at?


What lessons are you learning from such failures?


What are you doing to reverse the trend?


What are you doing to make things better?


What are you doing to make sure you convert your lessons of failure to stories of success?


I want to leave you with this thought today –




Do have a splendid week ahead.


I am Joseph Philip. I help coaches, consultants and service professionals structure the business of their expertise to attract the right audience and generate more revenue.

Joseph Philip

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