June 23


Why You Are Not Making Sales In Your Business

By Joseph Philip

June 23, 2021

While consulting with a client some months ago, I asked the all important question: Who are your target audience?

She replied, “Everybody.”

There and then I knew this was the reason why she was struggling with sales in her business.

I put the same question to you – who are your ideal clients?




Probably nobody?

See, not having a clear understanding of who your ideal clients are, is the bedrock of failure for your business.

In my guide – Lead Generation Made Easy: How To Get More Clients For Your Coaching/Consulting Business, I dedicate a whole chapter (chapter 2) to teaching you how to craft your ideal customer profile.

In that chapter, I itemized 12 questions you need to answer diligently in order to know who your ideal clients are.

Here are 6 of them:

1. Where does my avatar hang out?

2. What websites do they go to?

3. What do they read?

4. What do they watch on tv?

5. What do they do in their free time?

6. What are their goals?

7. …..

In order to help you understand more in detail about how to craft your ideal customer profile, I included a link to a video training in the guide.

By the time you are done answering those 12 important questions as well as watching the video, I guarantee you that you will have a clear understanding of who your ideal clients are.

And once you do, you will be able to know the right words to use to drive them to purchasing your product.

In the guide, you also get links to the following video recordings for FREE:

1. Setting Up A Value Ladder Concept For Your Business

2. How To Setup An Email List Using Getresponse

In addition, you will get a FREE 60 minutes Business Growth Session (Worth N30000) when you purchase this guide.

To get this guide right now, click here.

Once you make payment, send me a message on whatsapp – 09077577252 with the proof of payment and I will send the guide to you after I confirm your payment.

And that's it for today.

Joseph “I know my customers” Philip
PS: With this guide, you will know the emotional buttons to push to get your ideal clients buy what you are offering them. Click here to order now.

Joseph Philip

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