April 1


What To Do When You Discover An Error In The Email You Sent To Your List

By Joseph Philip

April 1, 2021

Here's what you should do.

It's very simple.

And it's this…

Drink water…and rest.

I'm not joking…🤣🤣🤣🤣

Alright, here's what you got to do when you discover you made errors in the email you sent to your list.

1. Don't panic

You made a mistake and so what?

Who doesn't make one?

This is not the time to start thinking that you have made a mistake that has never been made.

Just calm down….

This helps you to think and know what next to do.

2. Send a mail acknowledging your error

Personally, when this happened to me while sending an email to the list of a female coach I work with, I sent another email with the subject line — Oops!!! (Error In Previous Email).

I then added some humour in the opening line of the email to make it relatable that everyone makes mistakes – and that it's human to do so.

I now put in the right information I should have put in the initial mail.

And that solves the entire problem.

So, here's my 2-step action plan when you discover you made a mistake in the email you sent to your list.

  1. Drink water – don't panic.

  1. Use a humour laced header to show it's human to make mistakes.

And if you get beat up by your email list for the mistake, suck it up.

That's life.

It's given you a lesson filled with information.

Make use of it appropriately next time.


I'll sign off here…😎😎😎

Joseph Philip

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