August 25


Very Knowledgeable But Broke

By Joseph Philip

August 25, 2021

This was my experience for many years.

Many times, I watched as people who didn't know half of what I knew come online, talk about the little they know and get good engagement, as well as enquiries and even sales.

This used to baffle me as I sometimes wondered why I was not having the kind of success these people were having.

Many nights I went to sleep troubled in spirit, confused about how to actually convert the knowledge I had into sales.

As one who never liked giving up, I continued to do a lot of research online on how to actually make money with what I already know.

You see, with social media these days, people find it very easy to package themselves faking it as if they are making it.

That's an illusion that's so common.

And you know what has this led to?

A lot of fake gooroos who position themselves as something they are not. These gooroos further hurt people down the line thereby making such people to believe that it's not possible to profit from the knowledge they already have.

One thing that has worked for me after having spent years learning what works is learning how to sell without selling.

This is what education based marketing teaches you.

Just last month (July), I have been a speaker at the virtual event of Future Females – an NGO where I talked about – How to make consistent,
successful sales in your business.

This month (August), I got a coaching client who further referred me to an Executive Director of the John C Maxwell Group who now has brought me in as her Manager.

I have also received further enquiries about my business and what I do.

All these happened as a result of using the education based marketing strategy with which I sell without actually selling.

I have created a video training course that will show you practically, 4 major things you need to do to make your Education Based Marketing effective and result oriented.

And these four things are:

  • Knowing your target audience very well.
  • Knowing where they congregate.
  • Knowing their pain points and how to address it.
  • Knowing how to speak the language of your target audience

I delved into each of these 4 steps in details and also shared a practical example of how I was able to make 6-figures offering bulk sms services/consulting using these four steps on an online forum.

This course is practical and not just theory thrown around.

If you would love to get this course, please click the link below (for Naira payments) to pay online and get instant access

For dollar payments, please use this link –

Purchasing this course and implementing what you learn will convert you from being knowledgeable and broke to making money consistently from what you already know.

And I'm sure this is what you want.

So click here to get this course now.

Joseph “Knowledgeable and not broke” Philip 

Joseph Philip

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