January 6



By Joseph Philip

January 6, 2021

Everything is not smooth sailing when it comes to any business.


The good days, the bad days and the ugly days will always be there.


That’s a norm.


So, expecting that everything will always turn out well at all times is not always true.


There will be days you will doubt your abilities and the transformational results you bring to your clients.


That being said.


No matter what you are passing through, always value the transformational work you do.


I’ve been in situations where I have devalued my work in order to please a client.


And I discover that it doesn’t always turn out well in the long run.


Sometimes, bending backwards in order to be able to accommodate a client can spell negative consequences for you.


I learnt a lesson recently about the need to always VALUE MY WORK.


Decided to take on a client (a chartered accountant who wanted to sell her expertise) who was referred by another client who is a close friend.


But somewhere, somehow, I decided to lower my fees to accommodate the client to set up a complete webinar funnel including setting up highly targeted facebook ads to drive traffic to the funnel.


First payment installment was only good enough to purchase domain and hosting. (That was already a signal to ditch the project).


I continued and had to incur personal costs along the way and spent time and lots of other resources getting everything setup.


By the time I was done with the funnel, I was told I would be paid later.


It left a sour taste in the mouth.


In trying to maintain a good relationship with the client who introduced this new client, I further helped her to setup a complete sales funnel – comprising the opt-in page, autoresponder integration, sales funnel setup (a little sales copy inclusive), online payment integration, email copywriting as well as facebook ads set-up.


That was a grave mistake on my part.


I just didn’t feel happy doing the project but finished it and handed it over to the client.


Now, I have to wait to be paid when sales are made – which was not the plan from the onset.


I don’t blame anyone at all.


I’m simply putting this out for you to understand that if you do transformational work or provide highly transformational services, don’t ever devalue your craft.


If you sense the client is not worth it, please quit as soon as possible.


Your peace of mind is more important than anything else.


Got that?


Your clients need you, you don’t need them.


Don’t go into transactions with a ‘needy’ mindset.


You’ll end up burning your fingers in the long run.


I hope this post helps you.


Have a pleasant time.

Joseph Philip

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