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How To Craft Value Driven Emails

By Joseph Philip

January 9, 2019


An email marketing campaign can only be successful if you craft value-driven emails which end up fostering a bond between your company and prospects. This is one of the factors of lead generation that is seldom discussed. Building relationships with your prospects and consumers engenders trust.

The Importance of Credibility

It is a two-way thing and a win-win for you and your prospects:

The business places trust that the prospect who is giving their information via a sign-up form for an incentive or offer provides honest, accurate information. The consumer or prospect places their trust with the belief that whatever the business is offering will be worth more for the time they spent handing over their contact details.

To build such an environment – between a customer and your business – it is essential for you to build credibility, and the best way to do this is through email marketing. Email marketing is perhaps the only way that businesses can adopt to establish trust and build bonds between their consumers and them while growing their active lead base.

It is, therefore, very crucial to incorporate personalization as an essential component in your email marketing campaign in this highly social, digitally-driven age. The only way to secure the attention of your subscribers or consumers amidst hundreds of messages from other marketers is to customize your content to them.

When you know your customers and can understand when and how to engage with them, you have in your hands a potent force which you can wield at leisure.

Benefits of Email Personalization

– Boosts Conversion Rates

Dynamic content is an essential component in email marketing as it helps to build long-lasting relationships with your prospects or customers. When you greet your subscriber using their first name along with an air of familiarity, it engenders trust and brings down their online guards.

This makes them more comfortable and will read your email or message, no matter how busy they are.

– Enhances Authenticity

When you personalize your email campaigns, it separates you from spammers while giving your customers and prospects a unique sense of authenticity. The chances of your email landing in the inboxes of your prospects increases significantly when you personalize your marketing messages.

So, make use of the personal information of your prospects when they willingly hand them over to you, and be careful not to abuse the trust they have in you or your business.

How to Craft Value-Driven Emails

Crafting customized, value-driven emails is not rocket science. Here are some tips you should consider:

#1: Research

Research is the bedrock of any successful online or offline business. Without it, your business is doomed to fail. So, stop relying on your instincts alone, as this may not suffice.

Start digging into or exploring what type of message works for your customers. Keep in mind that young adults love buying stuff online while middle-aged adults purchase their needs both online and offline. Retired adults usually love in-store purchases, and if your customers are spread across these segments, you need to test different types of messaging. This will help you to determine the kind of messages that will resonate with each of these set of individuals in your email database.


#2: Provide Value

The rule of thumb in any email marketing campaign is always to provide valuable information. Always do your best to provide something – i.e., data, infographics, eBook, video training, podcasts, coupons, etc. – worthwhile to keep your subscribers interested.

This will ensure that they do not brush your emails aside as unimportant. Of course, it goes without saying that whatever you are offering your subscribers must be relevant.


#3: Consistency is Key

Keep your messages interesting, fresh, and informative. Carefully organize your emails for every segment and plan your strategy ahead of time. A personalized ad that is not personalized for the right individual can kill marketing experience irrevocably.


#4: Use Images Appropriately

Yes, images – or pictures – speak more than a thousand words. Therefore, make sure that they are used appropriately.



Everything about crafting value-driven emails that creates a bond between your company and prospects boils down to testing everything. Spend time to test each message to determine how well your subscribers respond.

Since it is highly likely that your subscribers’ age ranges may span from young adults to middle-aged folks, tailoring your emails to each of these age ranges will elicit more responses and conversions while establishing a bond between your company and prospects.

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