July 12


This Is The Oxygen Your Business Needs To Survive

By Joseph Philip

July 12, 2021

For your business to survive, it needs a consistent supply of leads – this is the oxygen it needs. Without leads, there are zero sales, and without sales there are no profits.
Many years ago when I started out as a website designer, one of my major problems was having clients who could give me website design jobs to do.
When I got fed up of my situation and saw hunger staring me in the face, I started digging into research to find out what I could do to remedy my situation.
This indepth research made me discover what lead generation is all about. As I began to learn more about it, I began to implement little by little.
In fact, one of the things I did them was a 28days live video challenge on my Facebook timeline where I shared lot of valuable information about website design, email marketing and much more.
Guess what happened, I began to get enquiries about my business which led to more clients giving me jobs.
As a coach, consultant, service professional or small business owner, you need to have a constant supply of leads coming into your business everyday.
I mean – everyday.
And that is why I created the Lead Generation Made Easy Guide for Consultants, Coaches and Service Professionals which will help you know how to generate highly targeted leads for your business is available.
In this guide, you'll discover how to:
– Identify your target market
– Discover the challenges they are currently going though
– The EXACT solutions they need.
– Repeat their own words to them to trigger sales
– Turn just one customer into your regular ATM using a simple technique.
– And much more..
You'll also get a free 60 minutes business consultation with me to help you develop an action plan that will help your business grow.
Joseph Philip

Joseph Philip

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