April 23


The Simple Way To Make More Money In Your Business

By Joseph Philip

April 23, 2021

In this world of ever increasing information, it is becoming easier to get lost in the ocean of new ideas, opinions and strategies.

And to someone just starting out in business or trying to scale an already established business, it becomes a very difficult task to find out what can really make the business grow and become profitable in the long run.

If there's one thing that affected my entrepreneurial journey negatively, it's what is called the ‘shiny object syndrome.'

Not to worry Sparky, I'm going to break it down for you to understand.

Ever seen a situation where a little child tries to grab or completely snatches a new toy off another child even when he still has his own toy?

Seen that before?

That's exactly how the shiny object syndrome is.

The shiny object syndrome is simply put, a disease of distraction.

One minute, you are working on something and focusing on it so much.

The next minute, you abandon it because there's something new and currently trending.

You now latch on to this new trend…which you pursue for a while…

Only to abandon it when the next ‘shiny' thing surfaces.

And the cycle goes on and on and on….

At the end of the year or quarter, you can't point to anything significant that you have been able to achieve in that period.

Why am I saying all these?


Your business will grow and flourish if you focus and double down on what brings in more revenue for you.

It's that simple.

It's basic.

And most times, it's hard.

It's difficult.


It doesn't bring any form of excitement like any new shiny object.

Sometimes, it will cost you lonely times.

Sometimes, it will make you abandon other things.

And so what?

Look, if that's what makes your business get more revenue, double down on it.

Do it.

It's hard work.

Yeah.. and that's why you are running away from it.

And that's why money is running away from you.

Sparky, one more bit of advise for you.

Trends come and go.

But guess what?

If you focus on what brings in more revenue, you could actually dictate trends.

You don't believe that?

Ask Elon Musk whose tweets sometimes can cause an increase or decrease in crypto currencies.

Do the basic.

Work hard at it.

Then see yourself becoming the trend maker.

Alright Sparky.

Enough of reading…

Get down to work…

Talk to you some other time.

Joseph Philip

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