July 26


The Most Important Ingredient for Success

By Joseph Philip

July 26, 2021

About two weeks ago, I received a message from a lady on Twitter appreciating me for the value I have been creating through my threads (articles).

She then went further to ask me if I would be willing to speak at an online event slated for the end of this month.

I was elated and answered yes.

That message sincerely caught me by surprise as I wasn’t expecting it at all.

I can’t even recollect even if this lady was following me on Twitter.

All I know is that the message she sent to me was the first time we would have that kind of interaction.

Which brings me to what I want to share today.


If you really want to go far and become very successful in business, career, ministry and life in general, the most important ingredient you would need is consistency.

Yes, consistency.

And that consistency takes discipline.

A whole lot of discipline.

Let me tell you.

I had been writing articles (threads) on Twitter almost everyday for the past 3 months before that invitation came.

Many times, I hardly got likes or even retweets on the threads I created.

But I kept on writing.

Writing consistently and never been bothered about social metrics.

And there were days I didn’t feel like writing anything.

There were days I didn’t have any form of inspiration.

But I just kept on with what I had to do whether I was feeling like doing it or not.

And just out of the blues, the invitation to speak came (which I know will lead to further opportunities).


That’s what I want to share with you today.

Be consistent.

Remain consistent.

People are watching.

Keep writing those articles.

Keep building.

Keep reaching out.

One day, that success you have been looking for will smile on you and draw you into its warm embrace, never letting go of you.

Have a great time.

Joseph ‘Consistently Consistent’ Philip
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Joseph Philip

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