January 6



By Joseph Philip

January 6, 2021

Incompetence is simply not being good enough. Or relaxing on your oars when you have gotten to a particular level of competence.


Some people want to wake up and become the next internet sensation raking in lots of millions but don’t want to spend the time to develop the competence they need to get to that level. This is the reason why they churn out loads of substandard products and services thus burning their fingers in the process after their buyers have discovered who they really are.


This is not taking away the fact from anyone who is just starting and is working hard to improve.


No one knows it all.


Incompetence is very easy to catch up with anyone who has achieved a certain level of success and has results to prove.


What really happens at this stage is that the success runs into their heads, they become complacent, they ‘throw away’ the desire for continuous personal development and simply refuse to grow.


I’m saying this practically from personal experience.


Some years back, I had a client who I designed a website for.


We were having it all good as I was able to handle all her requests.


After some time, I became complacent and didn’t work hard at improving my knowledge anymore.


I was still basking in the euphoria of my previous successes.


A few years later, this same client wanted a complete redesign and needed an online course section where she could sell her courses and receive payment online.


I was caught napping.


I couldn’t provide that.


I told her I couldn’t.


That was how I lost that job and also her subsequent services for close to 2 years.


I took this up as a challenge and had to develop myself, learning all I should have learnt years ago.


This year, the client resurfaced and reached out to me out of the blues and asked me to setup a sales funnel for you.


You could guess my delight when I gladly took on the job and executed it to her delight.


What’s even surprising is that she was very happy and made me her partner, sharing revenue from the business – every month.


What can you learn from this story?


Incompetence can rob you of a lot of this.


It can hurt your long-term ambitions.


It can cut you short.


It can rob you of the good things of life.


What decision are you going to make today to leave incompetence behind?


It’s all in your court.


Go ahead.


Let incompetence NEVER show up again in your life.



Joseph Philip

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