May 6


The Hidden Secret Used By Top Experts To Get More Clients

By Joseph Philip

May 6, 2021

If I had paid you the money I paid that coach, I would have gotten more value. He just has a lot of hype but doesn’t have the kind of value you give out.” She said.

Those were the words of one of my clients whom I have been working with now for over 5 years.

We actually got to meet ‘online’ when I shared one of my very valuable articles – (4 Reasons Why You Need A Website For Your Business) in a facebook group we both belonged to.

After reading that article, she got in contact with me and that was how our relationship began.

I did set up her website but went way beyond just that website to help her with some other marketing issues by providing valuable information for free.

This created a stronger working relationship and trust.

However, things took a turn when her heart was captured by the attraction of a coaching program organized by a popular coach. The content of the program were juicy and she paid to be part of it – expecting so much.

The reality dawned on her when during the coaching program, she discovered that it was just a lot of hype without any valuable transformation for her. She had such a bitter experience that she regretted paying for the program.

After some weeks, she came back to me and narrated what she encountered and then uttered the words at the beginning of this email.

One of the hidden secrets used by top experts (coaches, consultants, service professionals, etc) to get more clients is OVERDELIVERING.

Yes, they overdeliver.

They go beyond what they are paid for to deliver a unique experience to their clients.

And what happens when they do this?

You guessed right.

They imprint their expert status in the minds of such clients that the clients become their ambassador – evangelizing their good works to as many people as they can.

This ensures they have a stream of new clients coming in without them having to do any form of new advertisement.

This is what I also do in my trainings and courses, and even in my daily emails.

I go above and beyond to deliver value in an entertaining way to ensure you grab lessons you can apply in your day-to-day activities.

And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing in the Profitable Daily Email Course where I’ll be teaching you how to use daily emails to make money in your business.

In this course, I will show you how to:

– Fit email into your overall marketing strategy.

– Use story psychology so that you can connect immediately connect with your target audience on a personal level.

– Build a personal story bank so that you never have to run out of ideas you need for your email.

– Write emails in as little as 20 minutes per day.

– Increase your email frequency without burning out your target audience.

– Write subject lines and boost open rates.

– Include a Call To Action (for any offer you have) in every email you send.

Asides from what you’ll be learning, I’ll be handing over to you my personal secret vault of swipe files that I use to craft emails that turn into sales. (This alone is worth more than N20,000).

What I will be teaching you in the course are strategies I have used to make about N1,000,000 for coaches writing emails.

This course is currently in Pre-launch mode and it’ll cost N9997 for the first 10 people to make payment.

To get this course and the mouth-watering bonus, make payment to:

Access Bank | 0036870006 | Joseph Philip

Once you make payment, send an email to so that I can add you to the class.

And about the client I talked about in this email, we have become partners sharing revenue in her business.

That can also happen to you if you decide to overdeliver in whatever you do for your clients.

Won’t that be wonderful?

Do have a great day.

Joseph ‘Overdelivering’ Philip

Joseph Philip

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