June 25


The Dull Unpolished Method To Get Your Prospects To Pay You With Ease

By Joseph Philip

June 25, 2021

What I am about to share with you is none of those flashy guru-ish tips.

It is dull and unpolished.

In fact, you may resent it to the extent that you get angry at it.

And it's so simple that after reading it, you will be tempted to say, “yeah, yeah, what else have you got to say?”

But this truth I am about revealing has the power to unlock the closely guarded wallet of your prospects such that they willingly whip out their credit cards and punch in the digits to purchase your products/services.

So, what's this dull unpolished method for getting your customers to pay you is – RESEARCH.

Yes, research.

Why research?

The more you can learn and know about your target audience, industry and even your product, the better you are able to gather marketing weapons to make use of.

One of the great direct mail grandpas – Dick Benson said this, “Nobody spends enough time on research.”

And yes it's true.

So how do you do this research that will ultimately end up in having your target audience pay you for your products/services?

Go to forums, facebook groups, reddit groups, where your market hangs out.

Read the stories they tell.

Write down the words they use.

Note the problems they have.

And even much more, the words and language they uniquely use to describe their problems.

So easy and simple. Isn't it?

But will you do it?

Will you take the pain to dive deep into research so that you can laugh while getting those credit alerts on your phone when your target customers pay you?

Will you?

That being said…

One of the chapters (Chapter 2 to be precise) in the Lead Generation Made Easy: How To Get More Leads For Your Consulting/Coaching Business Guide is wholly dedicated to doing market research about your target audience?

In fact, I list out 12 important questions you can use as a guide to find the answers you need about them.

Once you get these answers, it becomes easier for you to get more leads for your coaching/consulting business.

To get this guide right now, CLICK HERE.

As a bonus, you get the following video recordings for FREE

1. Setting Up Your Ideal Customer Profile
2. Setting Up A Value Ladder Concept For Your Business
3. How To Setup An Email List Using Getresponse

What's More?
You will get a FREE 60 minutes Business Growth Consulting Session (Worth $300) when you purchase this guide.

To your growth.

Joseph “Research Fellow” Philip

Joseph Philip

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