January 6



By Joseph Philip

January 6, 2021

You see.


Life has never been a bed of roses.


And never will it be.


Starting a coaching or consulting business can sometimes be really overwhelming such that you feel locked in and unable to breathe.


Sometimes, ideas seem to take a temporary vacation from your brain.


And all you see is blank.


And blanks.


That’s the beauty of life.


Yes, the blank moments.


You see, I started out as a website designer about a decade and a half ago having had to learn html (a basic programming language) all by myself – without a personal computer.


I would simply read.


Then, practice writing out the codes on paper with my pencil.


Whenever I got a little cash, I would go to an internet cafe, pay for some minutes and use the computer there to practice my codes.


It was fun then.


I later evolved to learning how to use Joomla (a content management system) to set up websites. My knowledge of html helped me a great deal to tweak websites I set up then.


As time moved on, I switched to making use of wordpress and I got better.


But something became very clear.


Without putting word out there about my skill, I was in the feast-to-famine cycle. Having clients at a time and then having zero clients for a longer period of time. 


This made me begin to learn about marketing.


And sincerely, I started out with spamming facebook groups with my “BUY, BUY” offers.


Trust Zuckerberg, I was banned from posting in some groups.


I remember I even got a software to post in several groups at once.




That was a phase.


Then, I began to learn about educational based marketing i.e. how to sell without selling. You can call it the subtle art of selling.


This concept taught me about providing value, value, value, and value before asking for a sale.


I think Gary Vaynerchuck ‘stole’ that from me as he titled one of his books – Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.”


That was a joke though.


I began to implement this concept and discovered that it was easier signing up people for website design services and then my digital marketing services.


They simply came to me because I had given so much value ahead.


This crushed the sales barrier and made me a trusted friend.


It’s not as if I didn’t encounter failures at some point in life too.


No, not at all.


It’s been a topsy-turvy journey.


But with clearer clarity, the journey has become better.


This is for you – a coach, consultant, service professional or course creator – life is in phases.


Wherever you are now is not the ultimate.


You see (Yes, I want you to see) – life is a journey as well as success within it.


You might presently be in a situation where you are drowning in the sea of too much information and don’t know how to navigate through.

There’s always a way out.


And if you don’t mind, I’ll want to help.


I can be a listening ear, an idea bouncing board.


If what you need is not within the purview of what I do, I’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.


I just want to help you move on to the next phase.


I am where I am today as a result of the help of many people including my coaches who have helped provide clarity at different phases of my life.


What phase are you now in business?

I want to help you out.


I want to read your comments.


Let’s get this done.

Joseph Philip

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