March 23


The Conversational Style Of Writing Emails

By Joseph Philip

March 23, 2021

Today, I want to talk to you about how to write emails in a conversational way.

If you want to write emails that command attention and bonds with your audience, you need to write it as if you are sitting down with JUST ONE FRIEND and talking to him.

This is where personalization comes in.

Your email should focus on just one person and that person alone.

Even much more is the fact that you don't have to follow the strict rules of grammar that you have learnt over the years.

And that's because when it comes to speaking with just one person, you tend to relax and make the conversation as informal as possible.

You could start sentences with ‘And,' ‘But,' ‘Yet,' etc..

Writing your emails in a conversational tone makes it sound like a conversation between two people rather than a textbook.

When writing your emails, try as much as possible to use everyday easy-to-understand words.

Even if you are in an industry that has lots of technical words, use relatable words in replacement.

Your goal is not to sound like a geek or one who is above the realms of understanding of your audience.

Rather, your goal is to communicate effectively such that a 5-year old can understand what you are saying.

Got that? 😉😉😉

Alright, that does it for today.

I guess you now understand how to write emails in a conversational way.

If you don't, read through this article again and see how I addressed YOU in it.

Talk to you soon.

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