Attention: Struggling Website Design/Development Business Owners


This Course Is Guaranteed To Completely Turn Your Website Design/Programming Hustle Around And Position Your Business Such That Your Ideal Clients Begin To Pursue You To Please Take Their Money!

Dear Frustrated Website Designer,

Do you struggle to get clients?

Do you struggle to website design jobs?

Do you struggle to be able to feed yourself and even change your wardrobe?

Do you find it hard to know where the source of jobs will come from after executing a particular job?

Do you experience the feast and famine cycle? A period of jobs and another long period of no jobs?

Are you even thinking of abandoning this website design as a whole and doing something completely different?

I have been in your shoes.

I used to struggle to feed myself.

I used to struggle to purchase clothes to wear.

I used to struggle to get transport fare from my office at Igando back to where I stay at Ejigbo, both in Lagos.

I used to struggle to give my parents money as the firstborn of the family.

I used to struggle to give my younger ones money.

In short, my life was a complete struggle on its own.

Not because I was lazy,

Not because I was an idiot,

Not because I didn't have the required skill.

Infact, learnt how to design websites as far back as 2005 on my own - coding with html. I didn't have a computer system. I would study the big study manual my friend gave me and write my codes in a book. When I had some money (sometimes my feeding money), I would go to a cafe, buy time and open notepad and input my code.

But business was not moving.

There would be seasons I would think and think of what else to do.

Not until 2015 when I began to learn about The Art Of Positioning that my business began to experience a positive change.

I know you spent a whole lot of money to acquire your website design/development skill.

You were told that if you learnt that programming language, clients will always be looking for you to give you jobs.

You were so excited about the prospects of landing multi-million gigs.

You had even started to calculate how much you were going to make monthly.

But alas, after your training, the reality of life began to dawn on you.

You did not see the jobs coming in.

Even when they did, it was like a trickle of water.

You felt frustrated, depressed and downcast.

You then thought that it would be better to just accept 'anyhow' amount to keep body and soul together.

After all, man pickin must chop!

You began to blast facebook groups, forums, whatsapp groups and any other thing you could think of just to get chop money.

I have been there and I know how it already feels like.

It's not your fault that the jobs have not been coming in neither is it the fault of your trainers.

Your major problem is knowing how to position your skill in front of those who are ready to pay you 6 figures - I mean 6 figures.

I learnt this the hard way after many years of hunger and pain.

Today, I don't struggle to attract the right clients.

Sometimes, I even refuse to work with some clients as my website design business has turned around into a full fledged Business Growth Consultancy/Digital Marketing Agency.

What made this possible?


That is exactly what I want to handover to you in this video training course and help you stop your being broke in this business.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. What Positioning Is And How It Applies To Your Business.
  2. How I Converted A Client Who Paid Me N140 To Type A 2-Page Document To My VIP Computer Student Through Positioning.
  3. 5 Reasons Why You Must Position Your Website Design/Programming Business Right Now Or ELSE....
  4. Five Turn Around Practical Steps You MUST IMPLEMENT To Attract High Paying Clients. These Include;
  • How To Thoroughly Identify Your Target Clients.
  • How To Research And Discover What Their Pains, Problems And Challenges Are.
  • How To Locate Where They Can Be Found.
  • Why You Need An Elevator Pitch And How To Craft It.
  • How To Create Video/Text Content To Solve Their Problems

I guarantee you that if you apply EVERYTHING I teach in this course, your Website/Programming Business will receive more businesses from clients.

I am telling you this from practical experience.

However, if you are not ready to put in the work, this will not work for you at all as there are so many mindshifting and simple strategies I shared in the course.

If it's your desire to leave the rat race of getting a job after so long a time and waiting for almost eternity before you get another job, then this video training course is what you need right now.

Think of how much you want to make on a monthly basis.

This course can make you much more.

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