July 27


Smoked Fish. Pepper. Vegetables

By Joseph Philip

July 27, 2021

If you want to move your business forward and make more sales than you ever thought, then this article is for you.

Yesterday, I was at the market to buy some foodstuff for my family.

On getting to a particular stand in where I wanted to buy pepper, 2 ladies were simultaneously encouraging me to buy.

The following conversation ensued between myself and one of them.

Young lady: Brother, buy o.

Me: Sister, sell o

We laughed over this and the young lady now asked for the quantity of the pepper I wanted to buy.

I told her and she attended to me with all smiles.

As soon as she handed over the pepper to me, I gave her money and waited to collect my change.

Surprisingly to me, she handed over the money I paid to the actual woman who was selling pepper and told her the worth of pepper I bought and the change I was to receive.

As I was waiting to receive my change, the young lady went to her stand where she was selling vegetable while the older lady went to her stand where she was selling smoked fish.

She then informed me, “Bro, there is fish o…” I answered her that I had already bought fish.

As I received my change from the pepper seller and left the place, I began to understand the power of collaboration.

Here was a pepper seller, a vegetable seller and a smoked fish seller standing side-by-side selling food ingredients that were complementary.

Not just that alone, they were helping each other out to ensure they served any of their customers very well.

Which brings me to this…

If you are looking at scaling your business and reaching more customers, begin to look at how you can collaborate with people who offer complementary services.

While I believe competitors abound in almost every industry, you can actually focus less on that and start seeking opportunities to work with other people in other industries to grow each other.

A street hawker who sells Ewa agoyin (mashed beans) sometimes moves about with another person selling bread.

The soft drink seller during traffic most times is not far away from the gala seller.

Other examples abound in our everyday life.

I hope you have learnt a valuable lesson from this article.

Joseph ‘Collaboration not Competition’ Philip
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Joseph Philip

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