This documentation is to explicitly detail all that transpired between me – Joseph Oluwaseun Philip and Estella Dior who made payment for my website design services via my younger brother’s paypal – as shown below.



I am a professional and international Website Designer, Sales Funnel Expert and Email Marketer.

As a result of your company’s restriction of receiving payments directly to Nigerian Paypal accounts, I decided to use my younger brother’s paypal (who resides in Canda) to receive the payment which was paid into my Nigerian bank account via a third party.

Before I commenced her job, I did a thorough review of her existing website and what needed to be done to help her GROW her coaching business – AS THAT WAS THE FOCUS.

Below is the video I made as regards what her current business was all about and what needed to be done to help STREAMLINE the business to GROW HER COACHING CLIENTELE.

After our discussion and subsequent agreement to work together, I sent her the pdf file below. This document contained the two phases of the jobs we were to do and their associated costs.


Upon her agreement with what I needed to do for her, she sent the first and 2nd payment to my younger brother’s paypal which was forwarded to me.

Below, I will be showing you her agreement with my expertise and what I mean to her. Please, take time to go through them one after the other.

Based on our agreement to streamline her coaching business for more impact and revenue, I setup a new website for her – which was to FOCUS on growing her coaching business.

Her main website – was filled with so many things that didn’t let her coaching message and business shine through.

What I did with the new website was to rewrite her story, make it more punchy and ensure it resonated with her target audience WITH CLEAR-CUT CALL TO ACTION (which is to make people book free coaching sessions with her – after which she sells them any of her coaching packages).

In order to help her get more clients, I consulted with her and asked her to do Facebook Live Videos where she’ll address issues that have to do with her target audience and then ask them to book a free coaching call with her.

Please note, this was even before the website revamp was done.

My sole aim was to help her make money from her coaching as she told me what she had been through. I gave her my word to help her out to the best of my knowledge. Below are proofs of the free coaching calls she had for the few days she did the facebook live videos.

Here’s further proof of a message she received after one of the Facebook Live Videos where someone asked if she mentors people.

Then in January, she sent me a message as can be seen in the screenshot below.

Let me explain some things here as per the above message.

When I streamlined her new website – to focus on her coaching website, she was asking that other things in the previous website – be added.

I told her they weren’t necessary for now as it would make the central purpose of the new website be defeated as it was basically meant to attract and convert visitors to book her free coaching call.

I then told her that as time went on, if other things were needed, we would add them as they deem fit.

Being a student of conversion as it relates to website design and setup, I know that CLARITY and SINGLENESS of PURPOSE when setting up a website is HIGHLY IMPORTANT.

This has been my major goal to help her grow her business.


In ALL MY DEALINGS with Estella Dior, I never for once took advantage of her or try ripping her off for any reason whatsoever.

I believe in fairness and equity.

And I did all I did to help her grow her business which you can observe from the very beginning of my business relationship with her (shown through images at the top of this page).

To show that I was ready to grow with her and correct any error as per her message, please see the screenshots below.

In order to resolve issues with her, I asked her to tell me what needed to be done and I was going to do it for her.

Here’s proof.

In ALL my dealings with the client – Estella Dior, I have never taken advantage of her neither did I do my business with any form of deception.

I have been very straightforward with her from the beginning.

I would love you to please cancel this dispute as I am not in anyway a deceptive person.

I have acted in good faith and clear conscience.

I have nothing to fear.

Thank you.

Joseph Oluwaseun Philip

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