March 22


Plain Text Emails or Fancy (HTML) Emails- My Take

By Joseph Philip

March 22, 2021

This particular topic I am going to talk about today has been generating a lot of arguments and counter-arguments in the email marketing space as there are many articles online already about it.
For me, I don't want to add to the conflict already going on, I simply want to put out my own personal opinion which is based on my experience.
For the purpose of clarity, I presently write emails for coaches, experts and businesses (though I love to work with coaches the more…👍👍👍)
Plain text emails are just what they are – plain emails that don't allow you to include any link, images or any kind of formatting. They look more personalized and kinda attractive…🤷‍♂️
Fancy or HTML emails are emails that include lots of images, buttons, links and other things that make it possible to track links within that email.
These kinds of emails are used most times in e-commerce businesses, real estate companies, etc. They help to visualize what the seller is selling and thus enticing the buyers to take action.
From personal research and practical experience, I have discovered that Html emails sometimes get thrown into the promotions tab by Gmail.
I think it has to do with trying to protect their customers in ensuring they don't get spam mails.
Am I saying you shouldn't use Html emails?
Definitely not – as that's not the only reason why such emails get thrown into Gmail's promotions tab. Other reasons include your domain reputation, spam trigger words, etc.
What I personally do is a hybrid of both types.
I use Html emails but with minimal images.
For a coach I work with presently, I put up an image in the email as a header and a button to link to the sales page of the products we are promoting.
And that's it.
So, the chances of the email getting delivered into the inbox are increased through this method.
That's from my practical experience.
It may work for you or not.
In conclusion, you'll need to conduct your own tests to find out what works for you.
Got it?
Do have a lovely day!

Joseph Philip

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