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If it has been your desire to acquire skills that can make you money consistently, increase your business revenue and make you financially independent, then this offer is for YOU!

The Business Of YOur Expertise


My name is Joseph Philip - a Lead Generation Expert who helps Coaches and Consultants attract their right audience and 5x their income.

I am also the Founder of Skill Mastery Community - a Facebook Group that helps members acquire, refine and earn from their skills.

Starting out as a self taught Website Designer thirteen (13) years ago, I built up skills that have continually provided food on my table without having to work for anyone.

With my desire to research and get solutions to personal problems I faced in the course of growing my business, I discovered so many things which I implemented and got results.

Some failed - but that's part of learning.

Since 2010, I have been creating courses which have continued to help hundreds of people (some whom I have never met face-to-face) in their various endeavours.

Today, I'm giving you a greater opportunity to acquire skills that will empower you, create another stream of income and put more money in your pocket.


How to design professional ecovers and make money (VALUE: n10,500)

This course will teach you how to design professional ecovers in various formats and make money offering the service to others.

Watch the video for a sample of what you will learn.

How To Generate Highly Targeted Leads For Your Coaching/Consulting Business (VALUE: n15,000)

If you are a coach or consultant, this training is for you. In this training, you will learn

- How To Niche Down.
- How To Identify The Exact Customers You Should Be Speaking To.
- How To Setup A Lead Generation System.
- How To Generate Value Driven Content and
- How To Create Packages For Your Consulting/Coaching Business.

​Seven steps to increasing your online visibility (VALUE: N10,000)

Becoming visible online is a MUST for you if you want customers to purchase your products/services. However, there are ways to go about this effectively in order to ensure you target the right audience. This course will show you practical steps to becoming more visible online THE RIGHT WAY!

​​How and where to advertise when you have no money for paid ads (VALUE: N10,200)

Advertising is a key component of every successful business.

If you are not advertising, you are simply wasting your time. In this course I show you practical ways and platforms you can make use of if you don't have the finances to pay for ads.

​​​After NYSC, what next? (A detailed training course for undergraduates and corps members on the various opportunities available for them after service year). [VALUE: N7,500]

While serving some years back, I discovered that many corps members were ignorant of the opportunities around them. I created this course to help undergraduates, new and recently passed out corps members see beyond their own thoughts and utilize the many opportunities around them.

​​​​EDUCATION BASED MARKETING SECRETS (How To Use The Power Of Education Based Marketing To Get More Clients To Patronize Your Products/Services [VALUE: N15,000]

This is a practical training course that puts into your hands the strategies you need to be able to get more clients/customers easily for your business.

In this training, I divulge the EXACT SECRETS I make use of in getting clients for my businesses.

THE BUSINESS OF YOUR EXPERTISE (How To Profit From Your Skill, Knowledge And Professional Expertise) [vALUE: N20,000]

If It's Your Desire To Learn How To Monetize Your Existing Knowledge, Then This Training Is For You.

In this video training, you will learn:

- How To Take Stock Of Your Knowledge, Skill And Expertise.
- How To Identify Who You Should Serve.
- How To Own Your Message.
- How To Become An Attractive Character That Makes People Like You And Purchase From You.
- How To Locate Your Target Audience.
- How To Structure The Business Of Your Expertise.
And Lots More...

THE ART OF POSITIONING (How To Attract Well Paying Customers To Your Website Design Business). [vALUE: N20,000]

Having been designing websites since 2005, I have now learnt what to do to attract clients that pay me well for the jobs I do for them.

It wasn't like that when I initially began. 

You don't need to go through the pain I went through then. as this course will show you what you need to do to attract clients that will beg you to take their money.


Another Testimonial From A Satisfied Client Who Purchased One Of My Courses

My name is Bukola Odunsi, I am the C.E.O of BIDECKY CONSULT ( I started bulksms in the year 2012, I had 12 unhappy resellers as at 2014, I said unhappy because people were doing well in the business but we were not due to many technical issues from the technical part of the bulksms portal.

This challenge made me started the journey of knowing and having full understanding of what is the engine behind bulksms portal.

With this on my mind, I approached the man that set up our bulksms portal, he billed me 50,000naira to learn how to setup bulksms portal in two weeks. I paid and did the training but I knew close to nothing, whenever I setup any portal, he will pull it down with one reason or the other and build another portal that suite him. I was on this mountain for so long, but kept looking for who can help and teach me how to setup bulksms portal.

My quest for knowledge took me to JIJI where I saw a video on how to setup bulksms portal for 7,000naira, I picked up my phone, dial the seller Mr Joseph Philip, explained to him that I need more than his video I needed him to mentor me on bulksms business. Without paying a dime he sent down to Ibadan this video that changed my story. I made payment after I got the video.

Not only do I now understand how bulksms portal is been setup, I have trained so many people and training still ongoing, plus I have setup beautiful portals like,,, and lately

Mr. Joseph is not just a trainer but a mentor and a leader, He killed it with the recent video of how to setup bulksms portal in 30minutes, and this is a powerful video that has made setting up bulksms portal more than easy for anybody that can on a computer system


The total value of these 8 courses is N108,200.

I could have asked you to pay N80,000 and it could still have been worth it.

I could have also asked you to pay N50,000 and yet it would still be worth it.

But for a limited time, you will get these courses for N10,500.

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Joseph Philip.

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