Give Me Just 2 Days And I Will Teach You...

 How To Design Professional Ecovers and Make 5-Figures Every Month Offering The Same Service To Others Who Need It Now!

My 3 Day “Professional Ecover Design Mastery Training” will show you how to grab your share of the multi million Naira graphics design industry, even if you have never designed anything before in your life... Guaranteed!

Date: Thursday 5th - Friday 6th March, 2020
Venue: Suite 13, Divine Favour Shopping Complex, Hammedal Filling Station, Idimu/Ejigbo Road, Idimu, Lagos.


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To an amazing Joseph Philip that inspires the business woman in me Badass Business Coach and brain box. You taught me what staying strong means, you plainy shared with me secrets that has been working for you selfless, calm yet loaded up in the head.

Hi, I'm Joseph Philip
Africa's No. 1 Lead Generation Expert
Founder, Flying Altitude Services
Idimu, Lagos.

Dear Friend,

If you are searching for a guaranteed way to start making money online within a brief period of time, this is the most important information you will ever need.

I will tell you why but first, let me tell you a story.
(I promise not to bore you and you will learn a lot from it)

Some years ago (about 10 years plus now), I saw an advert in the Success Digest Newspaper published by Success Attitude Development Centre - a vision birthed by Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase who is directly responsible for producing top internet marketing gurus like Akin Alabi, Ronald Nzimora, Iyabo Oyawale to mention but a few.

This advert was for a training on how to design professional ecovers which are needed by authors, writers, etc for the digital version of their books - otherwise called ebooks. This training was facilitated by Mr. Julius Obazu-Ojeagbase (the son of Dr. Sunny).

I paid and attended that training as it turned out to be one of my best decisions up till now. At the training, he thought us how to design these highly-in-demand ecovers and how to make money from them.

I'm sure you might be asking, what is an ecover?

An ecover is a digital book or training cover. It is also known as an ebook cover, which pretty much means it is the cover of a digital book.

After the seminar, I began to implement what I learnt.

To be candid with you, it wasn't easy at first.

Do you know why?

I had never attended any formal computer training program as I was self trained.

But I persisted and today as they say, the rest is history.

There's hardly a month I don't Make 5 Figures from the business of designing professional ecovers.

Here are samples of jobs I have done in the past

Do You Think You Can Do This Even Without Any Previous Graphics Design Knowledge?

I'm very confident you can.

If I can do it without any formal graphics design training, you can also do it.

After all, I'm not special in any way!

I spent 11 years and good 8 months before I could graduate from the University. ​

As long as you can click and drag a PC mouse, you can do this.

- It doesn't matter whether you have never done any kind of graphics design before

- It doesn't matter whether you are not that good with the computer

- It doesn't matter whether you are busy. You can do this at your spare time and make good side income for yourself.

If you are ready to Make Money Designing Ecovers, you are in luck because I will be hosting a Practical Down-To-Earth & Hold-Me-By-The-Hand Training In my office in Lagos.

I will be sharing with you all the secrets of designing professionally looking ebook covers as well as how to make money doing so and earn consistent 5-figures every month.

I won't be holding anything back as I will be unravelling ALL I KNOW in this skill and the business side of it.

The Problem is Only 8 People Will Be Allowed.

That is the number of people my office can conveniently accommodate for this training and so that I can give them detailed attention during the training.

As a participant In this Training, you will discover the Exact Ways I have been using for A Long Time To Make Money Designing Professional Ecovers.

Here are the things I will be teaching you in this professional premium training class

- Course Overview

- Understanding the Psychology of Colours: You will be taught what emotions/feelings each colour you will be making use of in your designs mean.

- Understanding The Keep It Simple Stupid (Kiss) Principle: You will learn how to keep your ecover designs simple and professional.

- Basic 2D & 3D Ecover Design Using Free Apps Online: Here, you will learn how to use a free graphic designing app/tool online to design 2D graphics and then use a free website to convert them to 3D ecovers.

- 3D Paperback Design Using Adobe Photoshop: Whether you have never heard or used Photoshop before, I will hold you by the hand and teach you how to design 3D paperback designs RIGHT THERE IN THE CLASS.

- 3D Hardback Cover Design Using Adobe Photoshop: I'll teach you how to design professional 3D hardback cover design with photoshop.

- 3D DVD Cover Using Adobe Photoshop: You'll learn how to design CD/DVD covers with photoshop.

- Laptops, Phones Cover Designs Using Smartmockups: I will show you a website where you can download professional mockups and then convert them to beautiful cover designs.

Wait...there is still more....

- How To Leverage Influencers Online To Market Your Skill: I will teach you the exact methods I used to get the attention of an influencer more than 3 years ago who still refers clients to me till today.

- Education Based Marketing (How & Where To Advertise When You Don’t Have Money): I will be showing you how I leverage on Education Based Marketing to make money from other industries apart from ecover designs and how you can use the same method.

I am very sure you can't wait to attend this indepth practical training but before I tell you how to go about it, I want to make the deal sweeter for you.

I mean this is already a great offer but I want to make it greater.

As a Participant in this Practical Training, You Will Also Be Getting Some Unbelievable Bonuses:

Unbelievable Bonus 1:

[Video] Adobe Photoshop Basics: 

A 40 minutes detailed video that teaches you how to understand and use Photoshop basic tools.

Value: N10,000

Unbelievable Bonus 2:

[Free Ebook] The Psychology of Fonts: 

A detailed ebook that shows you how to choose fonts that depict what you or your clients want in an ecover

Value: N15,000

Unbelievable Bonus 3:

Colour Emotion Guide: 

A comprehensive infographics guide that shows you what colour is associated with which emotion and how to use it to enhance your professional ecover design.

Value: N10,000

Unbelievable Bonus 4:

[Free Ebook] The Psychology of Advertising: 

This is a comprehensive source for advertisers and is useful whether you’re creating... A print ad for a magazine, A banner ad on Facebook or some other promotional piece (e.g., postcard, brochure)’ll learn 27 psychological tactics to make it more effective.

All of these techniques are based on academic research in consumer behavior. For each tactic, you’ll learn (a) why it’s effective, and (b) how you can incorporate that principle into your ad.

Value: N30,000

Unbelievable Bonus 5:

[Free Ebook] The Psychology of Emotions: 

You’ll learn how emotions influence decisions. And you’ll learn how to use that information to influence perception and behavior.

Value: N35,000

Unbelievable Bonus 6:

[Free Ebook] The Psychology of Product Names: 

This ebook shows you how to correctly name your products or services.

Value: N20,000

Unbelievable Bonus 7:

[Free Ebook] The Psychology of Product Names: 

This ebook shows you how to correctly name your products or services.

Value: N20,000

Unbelievable Bonus 8:

[Free Ebook] Swipe Files for the Lazy Copywriter:

Each chapter in this eBook contains more than 100 swipes that you can use. You can choose from a large selection of creatively-worded swipes to eradicate your writer's block and assist you in choosing the best words to write persuasive sales copy for you or for your clients.

Value: N25,000

Unbelievable Bonus 9:

Adobe Photoshop CS 5 Software

A full working version of the software you will be needing for your professional ecover design business..

Value: N10,000

Unbelievable Bonus 10:

Over 100+ Photoshop Ecover Templates  

These templates help you design professional ecovers faster and better. Just open, edit and save.

Value: N30,000

That's Not All... Here Are More Bonuses!!!

Unbelievable Bonus 11:

[Video Course] Where & How To Sell When You Don’t Have Money For Paid Ads

I have practically used this method to seal deals and make money in other fields apart from ecover design.

Value: N10,000

Unbelievable Bonus 12:

[Ebook] How To Spot Influencers On Social Media And Leverage On Their Influence To Sell Your Skill

This concise and straight-to-the-point ebook will show you how to target influencers on social media and leverage on their influence to get more jobs.

Value: N10,000

Unbelievable Bonus 13:

[Video Course] Professional Ecover Design Mastery Course

This is the complete video version of the training course you will be undergoing.

Value: N20,000

N245,000 (Two Hundred and Forty Five Thousand Naira Only)

So, How Much Do You Think This Indepth Practical Training With Me Should Cost You?

Or rather let me ask you right now.

How much do you think this training is worth?

If you consider the practical and hold-me-by-the hand nature of this training as well as the training on how to profit from this skill coupled with all the bonuses you will be getting, I should easily be talking of charging about N100,000.00.

But we all know that amount will be somehow ridiculous.

I cannot charge based on the massive value alone.

I have to completely crash it down to something much much lower.

Like 50% of that. That is N50,000.

I think N50,000.00  is okay because it justifies at least to an extent what you will be learning... But I'm crashing it further down just for you...

​So, for this training, you will be paying N10,997

Yes you read that right.

Just N10,997 (Ten Thousand, Nine Hundred and Ninety Seven Naira)

With just N10,997 you can attend this 3 Days no-fluff, ALL PRACTICAL training and I will teach you all I know about Creating and Making Money from Professional Ecover Design.


I want to put your mind at rest about this practical and indepth training. You are covered by my 100% No Questions Asked, Risk Free, Take It To The Bank, Iron Clad, Money Back Guarantee.

If after the first day of the practical, you are NOT 100% satisfied with that what I am teaching, you can ask for a refund of your money.

Right there, I will refund your money.

No questions asked.

How to Be a Part of this Practical Training


To register for this group coaching, pay into any of my bank accounts below.

Account Name: Joseph Philip
Bank: GTB
Account Number: 0164544294


Account Name: Joseph Philip
Bank: Access Bank
Account Number: 0036870006

VERY IMPORTANT: After you make your payment, kindly send an email to with your payment details (Date of payment, Depositor's Name, Bank of payment and/or any information that will make it easy for me to confirm your payment fast).

Please, kindly send your phone number as well so that I can call you.

Do You Have Other Questions To Ask Me?

If if you have any question you would like to ask me before you make payment, please call me on 09077577252.

So let's get this concluded right now.

How long do you have to wait for before deciding to learn a skill that can make you 5 figures monthly as a side hustle?

You would agree with me that the best time to start is now.

Don't leave it till tomorrow. If you do, there will be grave consequences.

Procrastination has always been known to be a thief of time.

Whether you register for this training or not, you will continue to grow older by the day. Leaving what you are supposed to do now for LATER is not in your best interest.

Now is the best time to take this training!

I am waiting to book your spot for the training.


Joseph Philip
Africa's No. 1 Lead Generation Expert
Author, Small Business Big Money.

PS: Think about it again. The value of the bonuses alone is FAR higher than what it will cost to attend this practical training. This is one of those kinds of almost unbelievable deals that come once a while that one should not miss for anything at all. The ball is in your court.

PPS: By the next time I will be doing this again, I won't be charging the very low fee I am charging now. It will definitely be double or even triple the current fee. This could be the only opportunity you have now. Grab it with all your hands!