May 26


My Facebook Horror Story

By Joseph Philip

May 26, 2021

You needed to see how shocked how I was when I wanted to log in to my facebook account yesterday and I was informed that my account had been locked and I needed to upload my ID to verify if it was really me.

As at that yesterday, I had about 6 different ads running – 2 for a client and 4 for me.

Everything is now on pause as I can't access my facebook account for now.

Imagine if I didn't have an email list, I would be depressed now because if my business depended on that facebook account alone, I would be in serious troubles by now.

If this happens to you, will you still have a business?

Will you not be thrown into a shock?

Yes, I was a bit shocked myself but I didn't fret because asides the ads that I was running, my business does not completely rely on that account.

So, this brings me to you…

If your social media account is suspended or hacked today, will you still have a business? Will you still have a platform through which you can reach all your prospects?

To guide against the unexpected, I'm inviting you to be part of the 5 days Email List Building Challenge For Coaches, Consultants, Experts, and Service Professionals.

At the end of this challenge, you will be able to set your own email list and also learn how to build a viable relationship with your email list that makes it easier for you to sell to them in the long run.

This challenge starts next week Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June 2021. 

Click the link below for detailed info:

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