March 20


Musings From My Experience

By Joseph Philip

March 20, 2021

From today, I'll be sharing bits and pieces of my experiences as an email copy consultant, sales funnel expert and everything in between.
I'll be sharing my failures, successes, fears and probably my desires too…😊😊😊 
So, sit back, relax and let's enjoy the ride…Shall we?
So, today, I want to talk about whether you should email your list everyday, once in a week, twice in a week or once/twice a month…Hum… 
You see, there's no direct rule about this and it's basically up to you and what works for you.
Let me explain the more…
Some years ago, I worked with a management consulting and training company as a Lead Generation Executive/Email Marketer. 
This company literally served other businesses so it was a B2B.
Whilst doing research about their target audience, I discovered that the corporate world was a bit different from the consumer world. 
This led to my further discovery that the best days to send emails (if we were going to get good open rates) were Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
So, I began to implement this and simply gave each day a tag – Education Tuesday, Fun Wednesday and Marketing Thursday. 
Tuesdays was all about educating our audience and providing indepth guide into issues and its related matters. 
On Wednesdays, I wrote emails that was simply about having fun in the workplace and still be productive, how to handle stress at work, fun games that could be played at work and a host of other things in that line. 
Fridays was basically marketing the company's training programmes.
And yes, I wrote those emails with some bit of humour sprinkled here and there – especially on Wednesdays 😛😛…
So, the bottom line is find out what works for you. 
You might need to ask your email list for guidance as well….
But if you are just starting out, I'll advice you do a daily email broadcast…but don't just pump emails that add no value to them else your emails will end up in the junk🗑️🗑️🗑️…
Anyways, phew… 
That's it for today…I hope you've learnt something…
Talk to you soon..

Joseph Philip

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