​How To Monetize Your Skills, Talent and Expertise

The Secret Step-By-Step Process Of Getting Paid Offering Your Unique ​Expertise To People Who Need Them

​Hi, my name is Joseph Philip - a Lead Generation Expert and Online Visibility Coach.

Ever since I started my own computer training school in June 2007, I have been getting paid consistently through my skills even to the tune of six-figures. I never attended a formal computer training class but by the grace of God today, I'm very skilled in various ways.

​My skills have made me secure contracts with companies, individuals, large organizations, NGO, etc and the likes without any of them asking for my CV.
You also have something that you can teach others and get paid for every time. You are an expert at something. No matter how little the knowledge you have, someone somewhere is searching for you to teach them.

​If you teach others about what you know, the world will be a better place as more people will get the solution to the problems they are facing and they will also pay you for your knowledge.

Over the years, I have produced and sold different types of courses based on what I know and the skills I have.

Here are some of the courses I have created and gotten paid for - time and over again.

Here are pictures of my consultancy and training for the staff of a company in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Pictures from a training i organized tagged tech wealth bootcamp here in Lagos

​A​ client came all the way from Eket (Akwa Ibom State) to have a one-on-one training with me at ​our office in Lagos. Guess what? He registered me for free into his network marketing business!


​I'm offering you the opportunity in this Paid Training Class on How To Monetize Your Skills, Talent and Expertise where I will be showing you the EXACT THINGS you MUST DO to profit from what you already know.
Here's what you'll be learning:

1. How To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs - Look, every success begins from the mind. If you can't succeed on your inside, you are already a failure. I will show you how to overcome your limiting beliefs and deal with those voices telling you you are not good enough.

2. Taking Stock of Your Skill/Knowledge/Expertise - I will show you practically how to take stock of the things you know and how to gauge if there's a demand for it.

3. How To Identify Your Target Audience - Here, I will teach you how to find out who your target audience is and how to reach out to them with what you have.

4. Owning Your Message - People buy people. What I mean is this - people will only buy whatever solution you have to offer the market if you believe in that solution yourself. I will teach you how to authentically own your message and then be confident to share it without fear.

5. How To Become An Attractive Character - People are waiting to be led by you. I will teach you how to position yourself as an expert and not get bothered by what people are saying or will say. Your audience are waiting for your solution to their problems.
6. How To Structure The Business Of Your Expertise - Here, I will show you how to use existing platforms and tools you already have to start teaching others what you know and getting paid for it.

Pictures From Another Training I Organized On Business Lead Generation & Targeted Facebook Ads Setup Here In Lagos

​How much should you pay to get access to this indepth training that will help you break out of your fear and also make you start teaching others what you already know?

N25,000 - Yes, it's worth it.

N10,000 - Yes as well.

N5,000 - This is a giveaway price.

However, for a limited time, I am giving you access to this training for N3500 only.

Yes, N2500 for access to this training that will take place in a closed Whatsapp Group.
​I could have made it FREE but from experience, I have discovered that many people don't value information they get from free trainings neither do they implement what they learn.


1. Video Course: How & Where To Advertise When You Have No Money - Value: N1​5,000

2. E-Book: How I Made 6 Figures Writing Professional CVs - Value: N​10,000

3. Video Course: Education Based Marketing (How To Use Content Marketing To Sell Your Products or Services) - Value: N15,000


​So, if you know you want to monetize your skills, talent or expertise, pay through any of the options below to get access to the training class.

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Once your payment is confirmed, I will ​send you the link to the Training Class on Whatsapp.

​Get access to this training class now to learn How To Get Paid Doing What You Are Good At.

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