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Battle-Tested 39 Year Old Consultant Reveals

How To Get A Consistent Flow of Clients For Your Coaching, Consulting  & Service Professional Business

Hi Friend,

My name is Joseph Philip - an online Business Consultant with over 15 years of ruggedy offline and online experience.

You won’t believe that the lack of steady flow of clients almost made me close my business.

I started out as a website designer in 2005/2006 where I personally learnt how to design a website with HTML codes. By the time I was a bit good with the skill, I began to design websites for N500 or N600 thereabout.

By 2010, I took this skill seriously and began to design websites for individuals and organizations - getting more jobs and even training students how to design websites.

However, in 2013, my business began to experience lack of patronage.

I began to get fewer enquiries about my business until it got to a time when I didn’t have any website design jobs to do.

I was in a BIG MESS.

I had bills to pay but had no money since there was virtually no one requesting me to design a website for them.

But as you know na.. Naija man… 

I continued to tell myself ‘It is well’ even when I knew deep down within me, ‘It wasn’t well.’

I became so embarrassed as I couldn’t change my shoes or even buy a new pair of shirts to replace the old and worn out ones I had.

People would look at me as someone who was making good money but deep down within me, I knew “All Na Packaging.”

My self esteem was completely shattered.

I couldn’t attend paid seminars that I knew would improve my business.

In fact, it got so bad that I could barely afford to feed myself 3 square meals in a day.

I was already thinking of dusting my CV (having studied Management Technology in the university) and going out to look for a job.

I told myself, “At least if I get a job, I have the assurance of a fixed monthly income.”

This was my next plan of action as things weren’t working anymore.

In the midst of taking this decision, I began to do serious research on the internet on how to get more customers to patronize my business.

In fact, I downloaded many ebooks, video tutorials, free reports and what have you...phew!

I devoured them and began to implement some of them yet nothing seemed to work.

I just got more frustrated…

Not until I stumbled on what lead generation is, what it means to a business and how to do it effectively.

It was as if my eyes were opened.

It was then I saw my foolishness.

I dived into every material I could lay my hands on as regards lead generation.

As I gradually began to implement what I learnt, I began to see a change.


My business gradually received a complete turn around.

I went from not having a single client to having an overflow of clients - much more than I could handle.

About 2 years ago, I had 2 clients come from Osun and Ogun states respectively to attend a 2-day Tech-Wealth Bootcamp I organized here in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Another client flew all the way from Eket (Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria) to have a one-on-one training with me in Lagos.

I also organized a training in Lagos, Nigeria where I taught participants about Lead Generation for Businesses

In fact, a company had me come over to the office in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria to hold a 3-day training for their staff.

All these would have not been possible without having a deep understanding of Highly Targeted Lead Generation.


Lead Generation Made Easy Guide (For Coaches, Consultants & Service Professionals)

lead generation guide for coaches, consultants and service professionals

A guide that shows you how to Get More Leads For Your Consulting/Coaching Business

This guide is the perfect tool you need to grow your business as it teaches you indepth, the basics you need to know about how to flood your business with constant stream of targeted leads to generate more sales.

Let me ask you some questions?

❌ Are you good at what you do but finding it hard to get people to notice you online?

❌ Are you sick and tired of relying on hope to grow your business?

❌ Are you looking to have a steady stream of HIGHLY TARGETED clients who on a daily basis make enquiries about your business?

❌ Are you tired of the frustration you experience when you have no idea where your next client will come from?

❌ Are you sick of being constantly rejected by people when you tell them about what you do?

❌ Are you tired of having to sift through too much information and need a concise and direct guide that shows you EXACTLY what you need to do?

Here’s what this guide contains.

Chapter 1 - What is a Lead?

Contrary to what you have come to know and believe is a lead, I go indepth to actually define what a lead IS TO YOUR BUSINESS.

Furthermore, you will get to understand what lead generation means and why it is important to the survival and growth of your business.

Chapter 2 - How To Craft Your Ideal Customer Profile

The first place where many consultants, coaches and service experts miss is that they are not able to narrowly define who their customers are before they start selling.

In the course of my consulting sessions over the years with some business owners, one major recurring answer when I ask them who their customers are is this;

"Everybody. You know, it's everybody that needs my products/services."

I immediately let them know that that assertion is simply false.

By the time I begin to drill down with some probing questions about their products or services, their eyes become open to the fact that they had totally gotten it wrong from the beginning as they were promoting their products to just everybody.

In this chapter, I itemize 12 questions you need to answer diligently in order to know who your ideal clients are.

Here are 5 of them:

1. Where does my avatar hang out?

2. What websites do they go to?

3. What do they read?

4. What do they watch on tv?

5. What do they do in their free time?

You will find the remaining 7 in the Lead Generation Made Easy Guide for Coaches, Consultants and Service Professionals.

Chapter 3: How To Turn Your One Customer Into Your Cash-Spitting ATM using a secret concept

In this chapter, I delve into detail explaining a concept that has allowed me service a client for more than 8 years.

With this concept, you can have a customer pay you over and over again...  possibly for life…

Chapter 4: Seven (7) Lead Generation Strategies You Can Start Implementing For Your Business Immediately

Here, I list out 7 lead generation strategies you can implement right now to attract the kind of audience you want for your coaching, consulting or service expert business.

Chapter 5: Components Of A Lead Generation System

In this chapter, you will discover the 4 basic components that make up an effective lead generation system as it relates to your coaching, consulting or service professional business.

By the time you are done reading this guide, you will discover the action steps you need to take right now to start generating the right leads for your business.

lead generation guide for coaches, consultants and service professionals

In addition to all you will be learning in the guide, you will also get the following Highly Valuable Video recordings for FREE.

1. Setting Up Your Ideal Customer Profile (Value $25)

2. Setting Up A Value Ladder Concept For Your Business (Value $25)

3. How To Setup An Email List Using Getresponse (Value $15)



You will get a FREE 30 minutes Business Growth Consulting Session to help you diagnose your business and proffer practical solutions (Value $200)  when you purchase the Lead Generation Made Easy For Coaches/Consultants & Service Experts Guide


So, how much should you pay to get access to this guide that will trigger the growth of your business?

I won’t ask you to pay this $100 (N50,000) looking at the value of the bonuses alone.

I won’t even ask you to pay $40 (N20,000).

Here’s what you will pay…

Pay $14 (N4950) and you’ll get this guide as well as ALL THE BONUSES.

Yes, $14 (N4950).

A steal, right?

Yes, it is.

To get this guide right now, use any of the options below


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Here's ALL You Will Get When You Order For the Lead Generation Made Easy Guide For Coaches, Consultants and Service Professionals

lead generation guide for coaches, consultants and service professionals

✅The Lead Generation Made Easy Guide

Free Video Recordings on:

✅ Setting Up Your Ideal Customer Profile (Value $25)

✅ Setting Up A Value Ladder Concept For Your Business (Value $25)

✅ How To Setup An Email List Using Getresponse (Value $15)

✅ FREE 30 minutes Business Growth Consulting Session  (Value $200)   


You Pay... $14 (N4950)

With about 15 years combined experience in website design, basic graphics design, email marketing/copywriting, FB Ads creation/management, online course creation and launch as well as content creation, I have what it takes to help you grow your business.

See you on the inside.


Joseph Philip
Online Business Consultant