March 20


How To Write B2B Emails – Part 2

By Joseph Philip

March 20, 2021

In my previous thread (here), I wrote about why MARKET RESEARCH is very important when it comes to writing B2B emails.
It's the foundation upon which you build your emails.
If you missed it, here is the thread that explains it in detail…
When writing B2B emails, ensure your spelling and grammar is accurate.
Now, I don't mean you should use ‘big grammar' on words that would be so hard to understand.
Sincerely speaking, you are not trying to impress anybody with technical or industry-based jargon.
You should write in such a way that a 5-year old can understand what you are writing.
“But I'm writing to a business and so I must show them I am technically sound.”
Yes, I know that. However, you'll not be communicating value when you leave your reader confused and unable to understand what you have written.
So, the stripped-down truth is that your emails should be written in an easy to understand manner.
One more thing before I jump off this step is this – you can install Grammarly as an add-on on your browser to help check your grammar and spelling. If you are using MS-WORD, the grammar and spelling function will also help you immensely.
Make sure you read through your emails at least 2-3 times to ensure it's void of errors. It goes a long way to show you are professional with what you do.
That being said, let me move to treating the issue of the sender name to be used. Should you use the company's name or use your own personal name?
Personally, I think you should use both.
Let me explain.
It's this simple.
If the company you are writing for is Floyd Associates, the sender name can be something like: Joseph (Floyd Associates) or Joseph from Floyd Ass.
The goal is to humanize your business and make it relatable as a person.
That's the approach I use when writing B2B emails and it does create that personal feeling when it's being read.
Let me round up with this.
Learn to include some humour in your emails – not every time though.
But, do it once in a while. It won't hurt, trust me!
Who says humour is bad for the soul…🤣🤣
There you have it…
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