October 15


How To Shortcut Your Way To Success

By Joseph Philip

October 15, 2021

This morning, I was listening to a book titled Overdeliver by Brian Kurtz – a world direct marketing expert.
One principle he mentioned in the book as responsible for his being able to succeed fast is that he took shortcuts.
The mention of shortcuts triggered my bias as I believe that there is no shortcut to success. I’m of the opinion that shortcuts cut you short and makes you not able to learn in full what you ought to learn.
However, as a student of life, I continued listening to what he had to say.
And by the time I heard him out, I agreed with everything he said and discovered that I had been using this same principle over the years.
And so what’s it about shortcuts and how can you use them to succeed faster?
Here it is.
Shortcuts as a principle of success is learning from people who have achieved the kind of success you want and then doing what they did.
This makes you avoid the kind of mistakes they made and helps you succeed faster than they did.
After I soaked up his explanations, I discovered that the successes I have had in business were largely based on doing the same thing that others who are better than me have done.
It is a waste of time trying to do something from scratch all by yourself and not doing what others who are successful have already done.
And how do you do what they do?
Get on their email lists.
Buy their (e)books.
Buy their courses.
Pay for their one-on-one trainings.
The cost of paying to learn is cheaper than the cost of trying to do it all by yourself from scratch, burning your money and wasting time in the process.
That’s the shortcut to success.
That’s how you achieve in 3 months what took others 6-12 months to achieve.
The more reason I want to help you learn how to build your own email list in 5 days.
Yes, just 5 days.
Rather than spending weeks or months trying to figure it all out, I have already done that for you in the 5 Days Email List Building Challenge.
Click the link below to shortcut your path to building an email list for your business and never been afraid if all social media platforms collapse tomorrow.
That’s it.
Joseph Philip

Joseph Philip

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