Live Webinar: How To Make 5 Figures Every Month Selling What You Already Know - Your Knowledge & Expertise

If you are a coach, consultant, knowledge expert or thought leader and have been finding it difficult to sell your knowledge, this webinar will put an end to all of that.

In this live webinar, you will get the blueprint that you need to start making money from your expertise.



Step 1

How to identify your target audience - See ehn, this is the area where many people miss it completely. They assume or think everyone is their customer. Fa, fa, fa fao... If this is your mindset, this webinar will help you erase it sharp sharp so that you can know who your exact clients are.

Because it is when you know who they are that you can talk to them in a language they understand which will bring in the money you need from them.

Step 2

How To Create An Elevator Pitch - Oya, cool down small. You are not climbing any elevator. You hear? Elevator pitch is you knowing how to attract the attention of your target audience by answering just 3 questions. I will tell you the questions in the webinar. You hear?

Step 3

How To Setup A Lead Generation System To Have People Asking About Your Business - I will show you simple tools you can use to setup a system that can book consultation sessions for you, build an email list and lots more.

Step 4

How To Package Your Knowledge Into Products/Courses That People Will Buy - I will teach you how to package your knowledge in such a way that you can begin to earn money from it.

Webinar Date:

SEPT. 29, 2021

Webinar Time:

7:00 pm

Webinar Host:

Joseph Philip

Online Business Consultant with over 15 years combined experience in website design and online marketing.

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