August 23


How To Sell Without Selling

By Joseph Philip

August 23, 2021

So, last week I became the Project Manager to a John Maxwell Team Executive Director.

How did this happen?

I'll tell you in a bit.

But first, I want to let you know that there are various opportunities around you.

It takes being open minded to see these opportunities as well as being ready to put in the work.

I read a lot everyday, picking one lesson or the other that I apply in my personal life or in business. I'm also able to spot hidden opportunities in the course of my daily reading.

As I read, my brain opens up and sees possibilities which pushes me to double my efforts in actualizing them.

And as I put in the work, doors of success open up to me.

Not that I don't fail sometimes, I do but I see my failures as lessons that will help me move ahead in my journey to success.

Now, let me go back to how I became a Project Manager to a John Maxwell Team Executive Director.

There's this ecommerce drop-shippers group I belong to on Whatsapp.

The group basically is where members get to advertise their products for sale while those who need them can buy and resell to their customers.

I got into this group through the admin who saw the value I was sharing on my Facebook timeline some years ago.

He invited me to his group to do a free training which I did – providing so much value based on what I knew and got a lot of positive feedback.

Fast forward to some months ago, I began to think of how I could add value to the group since it was basically a buy and sell group.

I openly chatted with the admin right there in the group and told him of what I had in mind. He simply told me to go ahead and do it.

So, I began to write articles based on the things I share with you via email everyday.

I was doing what we call – Education Based Marketing (a form of marketing where you don't outrightly advertise in the face of your target audience but you educate the customers about a problem (or solution) and position yourself as the person who has that solution).

After some days, I began to get messages from members in the group who needed one service or the other – completely different from the buying and selling focus of the group.

One of the people who contacted me paid me to consult for her business growth after we had a free zoom discovery session.

It was she who introduced me to the John Maxwell Team Executive Director as she knew I was capable of helping her grow her business.

After an online meeting with this wonderful Executive Director (who has two PhDs) and her team, she told me it was as if we had known ourselves for a long time as I was able to provide what she needed right there.

The next day, she paid me and by the grace of God, we've started work already.

That brings me to what I shared earlier with you, there are opportunities around you.

But you've got to put in the work.

Don't be lazy. There's nothing like overnight success.

No, not at all.

If you want to learn how to use Education Based Marketing to grow your business, I have a 4-part video training course that teaches you exactly how I have used it to make 6-figures in my online consultancy business.

In this video course, I show you practically 4 major things you need to do to make your Education Based Marketing effective and result oriented.

And these four things are:

  • Knowing your target audience very well.
  • Knowing where they congregate.
  • Knowing their pain points and how to address it.
  • Knowing how to speak the language of your target audience

I delved into each of these 4 steps in details and also shared a practical example of how I was able to make 6-figures offering bulk sms services/consulting using these four steps on an online forum.

This course is practical and not just theory thrown around.

If you would love to get this course, please click the link below (for Naira payments) to pay online and get instant access

For dollar payments, please use this link –

That's it for now.

Joseph “Selling without Selling” Philip

Joseph Philip

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