November 2


How To Sell More Of Your Products Or Services

By Joseph Philip

November 2, 2021

I watched in awe as this man sold almost everything he advertised in the bus.

People were ordering for his products right, front, left and back.
In my mind, I was kind of calculating how much he had made that early morning.

You needed to see the smiles on the faces of people in the bus as they parted with their money.

I was coming to Lagos from Kaduna that year (2013 to be precise) and I took a night bus – you know those long marcopolo buses.

In the early hours of the following day, this man began with an educative health talk that was void of any form of advertisement.

He provided so much value that people began to ask him questions – which he answered.

He was so enthusiastic about the life changing information he was passing across that he warmed his way into the hearts of almost everybody in the bus including yours truly.

From his talks, you could discover that he cared so much about we his audience and was ready to teach us to the best of his ability.

He talked about foods we were eating that were harmful to our health and many other things.

By the time he finished and started advertising his health products, he sold almost everything he had.

I was smiling as I learnt valuable marketing lessons in that bus.

The man really really cared about his audience.

He was very knowledgeable about what he was teaching.

He knew his products inside out and the benefits it would give his buyers.

According to Ken McCarthy popularly known as one of the pioneering fathers of the internet said this in his System Club Letters:

“Selling – whether in person, in print, or via a computer screen – is the transference of information, enthusiasm and conviction from the mind of the salesperson to the mind of the buyer.

When the prospect first glances at your ad, he’s like a dead battery.

Only one thing is going to get him to ‘turn over’: the state of your battery.

To ‘jump start’ your prospect’s enthusiasm, you’ve got to create it in yourself first and the best way to create it is by caring – really caring – about your prospect and being absolutely convinced that the product you’re offering is the right thing for him.”

While reading the above statement, it struck me that there have been times I was just concerned about the money I was going to make from offering a product or service and didn’t really care about the buyer.

I was selfish and didn’t bother about how the life or business of my prospect would be bettered by what I was offering.

Caring, really caring about whom you are selling to is KEY to making more sales consistently.

When you shift the focus away from you and direct that focus on the prospect, you stand a better chance of selling more.

This makes it easier for you to share the benefits of your product or service to your ideal customers.

I think it was Russell Brunson – the founder of Clickfunnels that said, “It is a crime if you have a product or service that can make the lives of others better and you refuse to share it with them.”

Now that you have the blueprint to making more sales, go ahead and implement it.

Joseph Philip
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Joseph Philip

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