How To Say More With Less Words (Email Writing Tip)

If you want your emails to become more engaging, one of the major things you can do is to learn how to say more with less words.

What do you mean Joseph?

Here’s what I mean Sparky…

There are times you want to write about something and you find it hard getting down to the core of what you want to write.

Rather than doing a merry-go-round about it, you can use idioms.

By using idioms, you will discover that you can sometimes “say” (write) in a sentence or two – or in just few words, what you would have used 3-4 paragraphs that takes almost forever to drive to the point.

It might even surprise you that using idioms sometimes carry more weight and have more meaning than the entire essay you want to write.

This can help save the day and help you free up more time to do some other productive things.

So, here’s a resource that can help you.

Go through it and see how it can help your emails or your writing in general.

Do have a lovely day.

Joseph “wear your heart on your sleeve” Philip

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