September 14


How To Make More Sales In Your Business

By Joseph Philip

September 14, 2021

One lesson I want to share with you today is how to get more sales for your business by following up consistently.

Some time ago, I ran a paid ads campaign on facebook advertising my corporate email setup for businesses.

This is the flow of the campaign – 

– The ads lead to a page where I listed out 5 reasons why every business needs a corporate email.

– At the bottom of every reason, there is a button that they can click on to order for the corporate email.

– On the order page, I did a live video demo, logging in to my own corporate email and showing them how to send and receive emails on the platform, how to customize their identity on the platform and some other things. I also advertised my website design business at the end of the video.

– On the order page, there are different packages to choose from. After they order, I personally call them to confirm their order and answer any questions they have.

– Once they are satisfied, I send them my corporate account details to make payment and I set it up for them.

– After the setup, I record a video and show them how to use the corporate email platform.

One thing I have found out is that it is not everyone who orders for the corporate email that is ready to buy.

So, I put their emails in my email marketing system and send them emails consistently providing value that will help their businesses. 

And then, I follow them up on whatsapp as most times, the phone number they fill when ordering the corporate email is their whatsapp number and if it is not, I ask them for it so that we can keep in touch.

For this particular client who just ordered for the corporate email some days ago,  I had been following him up for about 2 months as I would call him or send him messages on whatsapp.

He later told me that he wanted to do business with me because I was following up and calling him, and therefore he would want to support my business in growing. 

Though according to him, he had had some disappointments with someone who setup a website for him in the past and therefore was not willing to commit himself to doing that again.

But with consistent follow-up and prayers ooo, he did business with me.

The bottom line of what I am trying to share with you today is this – the sales is in the follow-up.

The fact that someone does not do business with you today does not mean he will not do it with you tomorrow, next month or even next year.

If you have a consistent follow-up system in place, you can make sales in the long run from anyone who has indicated interest in what you do or sell.

So, that’s it for today.

You can also use the How To Sell Without Selling Video Training course to provide value consistently to your target market and convert them into buyers in the long run.

Go to and get this course right now.

Have a wonderful day.

Joseph “Follow up till you make sales” Philip

Joseph Philip

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