May 3


How To Grow Your Business With The Abundance Mentality

By Joseph Philip

May 3, 2021

In this present world of information abundance, it is sometimes surprising that so many experts still hoard valuable information and don't want to share it with the world.
They ALWAYS want to get paid for EVERY piece of information they give out.
Sincerely, there's nothing wrong with that.
And that's the truth.
However, one of the things I have personally experienced in my life over the years is that there's a mindset you need to have that opens access to greater things you need in life.
“Joseph, what do you mean?”
Sparky, here's what I mean.
I have discovered that the more I give out what I know without hoarding it, the more doors of bigger opportunities open up to me.
The more people seek to collaborate with me on huge projects.
The more I am recommended to people whom I don't know.
These results all point to one direction – The more I give, the more I get.
I remember in September 2010, I bought a course on designing websites for N5,000.
The training came in 2 DVDs and I treasured it so much.
It was from this video training I enhanced my website design skills and almost immediately, I got students to train on this skill in my computer training school.
After the training which lasted for about 3 months, I felt impressed upon my spirit by the Spirit of God to give the 2 students I had the ENTIRE CONTENT of the DVDs.
I couldn't believe that instruction.
It was like giving out the secret of my business.
That was the way I felt.
I thought that was the end of everything I knew about website design and wondered if I could get more students or even progress in that field.
After some struggles internally, I called the two of them and told them I was going to give them the exact resource I used in training them including the bonuses contained therein.
They were shocked to the marrows and thanked me profusely.
While they were happy, I wasn't happy.
That's the truth.
However, some things began to happen after I gave out all I had to them.
First and foremost, one of the students used one of the bonuses in the training to create an information product which he advertised in a newspaper publication and made so much money that he was able to purchase a laptop.
I was shocked when he showed me the process and how he did it.
This gave me courage and I took the same step.
Now, I didn't make much money as he did.
But that entire process opened my eyes to Internet Marketing and the goldmine in it.
And that was how I began to learn and understand internet marketing which has profited me time and over again to this very day.
What if I had not let go of what the Spirit of God asked me to give the two of them?
Having an abundance mentality will position you as someone who can be trusted.
Here's what I mean.
Share value.
Share what you know.
Stop hoarding what you already know.
If you do, you are closing up yourself to the unlimited knowledge that you are yet to acquire in your field.
Sharing what you already know frees up space in your brain for more to come in.
And that's what I do in my daily emails to my email list.
I share valuable information about what I know without holding back.
Doing so positions me as a trusted expert in their minds and makes it easier for them to trust me with their money when I make offers.
You need the abundance mindset if you are going to succeed in business.
Without it, your progress will be limited.
And that's not what you want for yourself.
Am I right?
For you to have the abundance mindset, always tell yourself – “I AM UNLIMITED. THE MORE I GIVE, THE MORE I SHARE, THE MORE I HAVE, THE MORE I GET.”
Repeat this audibly to yourself on a constant basis and take action by giving as much as you can.
With time, you will begin to see positive results that will change your business and your life in general.
So, stop your scarcity mindset.
Adopt the abundance mindset.
And see your world thank you immensely for it.
Do have a great day.

Joseph Philip

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