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How To Get Leads For Your Business (Freelancing, Consulting/Coaching)

By Joseph Philip

March 20, 2021

Having started out as a website designer more than a decade ago, I never realized the need for marketing. 
I believed that clients would find me when they needed me one way or the other. 
I never knew I was only fooling myself…😄😄😄😄
It was when I became broke and the jobs I had dried up that I knew I had to do something about it.
This led me to start learning about marketing. 
And one of the marketing strategies I learnt was LEVERAGING ON THE INFLUENCE OF INFLUENCERS.
Let me explain this strategy.
It was simply looking for someone who was making a lot of impact in their field and find out a service they need and then reaching out to do it FOR FREE. 
I put this strategy into action.
I located a female business coach that was making waves and saw that she created courses.
I then went ahead to design highly attractive ecovers for her courses and sent it to her. 
She was so happy and began to introduce me to other people within her network.
Asides that, she asked for other things I could do. I told her I specialize in setting up:
– Lead generation systems
– Sales funnels
– Websites 
She brought me on board and outsourced a lot of jobs to me.
She also referred her business mentees to me as well some of whom I maintained relationships with for more than 3 years.
This was how I was able to get leverage and launch my skills to a larger audience. 
Are you a consultant or coach looking to get more targeted leads for your consulting/coaching business?
I have created a guide that shows you inexpensive ways you can make use of to get clients for your business. 
In this guide titled: Lead Generation Made Easy – How To Get Targeted Leads For Your Coaching/Consulting Business, I show you to:
1. Identify who your ideal clients are – knowing this helps you solve 60% of your marketing problems.
2. Draw up an ideal client profile. 
3. Structure your consulting/coaching practice in a way such that you make more money from JUST one client.
4. Execute up to 7 different lead strategies to grow your business (Actually, you need just between 2 to 3 of these strategies). 
5. Create an effective lead magnet that attracts the kind of leads you want for your business.
 Click here to get it now.

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