August 10


How To Generate Content For Your Daily Emails

By Joseph Philip

August 10, 2021

In this article, I'll be showing you how to generate content for your daily emails.

But before I get there, I want to tell you what happened to me yesterday.

Yesterday, I was scheduled for an interview on a UK business TV show.

This interview had been booked since 2 or 3 weeks thereabout.

And so, I was prepared, I mean very prepared for the interview.

Before 10am, I was already in the studio virtually and was ready to speak value.

I had tested everything; my headset and microphone ensuring that everything was working well.

As the show began and recording started, something happened.

First and foremost, my internet just suddenly developed issues and I lost the connection with the host.

Meanwhile, I had already topped up my data before the show began.

After I was able to resolve the internet connection issue, I logged back into the virtual studio and we had to start all over again.

As if that was not enough, my microphone (attached to my headset) suddenly developed a fault and my host couldn't hear me properly.

He informed that there was a crack in my voice as I was speaking.

I told him to give me some minutes to troubleshoot.

I did and confirmed it was working well.

When we restarted the interview again, the same thing happened again – the microphone's output was cracking.

It was enough to get frustrated but I just continued smiling..

By the third time it happened again, the host decided we should cancel the show.

I was not happy but I just kept my cool and took what happened in good faith.

It was later in the day when I discussed with my wife about what happened that she now reminded me I had another headset I kept before I bought the new one I used for the interview.

I had completely forgotten about it.

So, I took it and tested it.

Boom shakashaka…

It worked…

So, I emailed the tv show host that I had found out what the problem was and wanted to have my interview rescheduled which he agreed to.

Which brings me to this…

One of the ways you can generate content for your daily emails is sharing your life experiences.

Just like I shared now…

Do you know why your audience would like it?

It's because it's relatable, entertaining and more authentic.

And that's what you should always strive to achieve with every email you send to your target audience.

This helps you bond with them the more and makes whatever you promote easier to sell.

If you are a consultant, coach or service professional, I want to work one-on-one with you over 6 weeks to setup an income generating system that will make you consistent sales.

Here's the details.

I'll have a 30-minutes free consultation call with you to determine the kind of business you do, your current challenges and what you intend to achieve so that I can know if we can work together.

Once I discover we are a good fit after the call, here's what I want to help you do.

1. Work with you to create an effective lead magnet that will solve a particular problem for your target audience.

2.  Set up an automated lead generation system that will attract your target audience to enable you build an email list. This includes the opt-in page, email autoresponder service and facebook Ads setup.

3. Work with you to create a low-priced product/service that can make you daily sales.

4. Write 10 follow-up emails to help you convert your email subscribers to paying customers.

5. Hold you by the hand and teach you how to write effective emails that builds value with your audience and enables you to sell your products or services.

6. Give you my collection of email subject lines resources, and other hard-to-find resources that I use as sources of inspiration to write highly engaging daily emails that sell.

7. Unannounced bonuses.

If you are interested, kindly reply with I AM INTERESTED in the comment section below and I'll send you a link to schedule your free 30 minutes consultation with me.

Do have a great time.

Joseph “Sharing life experiences” Philip

Joseph Philip

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