June 30


How To Build Your Business Around Your Lifestyle And Not The Other Way Round

By Joseph Philip

June 30, 2021

Some years ago, I was majorly concerned about hustling and hustling…

I was living a life of continuous hustle.

I barely had time to eat.

My meals both in the mornings and afternoons were majorly snacks (donughts, meatpies, puff-puff, bonze, fish roll, etc) and soft drinks.

I even spent many nights working and working…

Until one day,

I fell ill.

…Seriously ill.

I barely manage to go to the medical lab for a test.

And there and then…

It was discovered I had a kidney/liver related issue.

I could barely walk as I had sharp pain in my abdomen.

I was infused with drips and was injected for days.

I could not do anything..

I was just useless and barely living..

I went through hell…

Whenever clients tried reaching me when I was a bit okay to take calls, I would tell them what happened. 

While they empathized with me, they had to take their business elsewhere as it was important to them.

It took me a month before I was finally able to recover fully.

It was there and then that the reality of life hit me.

My life is much more important than the job of any client.

If I die, clients will find someone else to do their jobs.

I began to understand that I needed to build my business around how I wanted to live my life and not build my life around my business.

This distinction is helping me now as I have time to work and time to stop work.

I now have time for my family.

Time to eat, time to sleep and time to pray, study and do other necessary and life important things asides from work.

Building my business around my lifestyle has also pushed me into setting up lead generation systems that bring in prospects into my business and works to convert them into paying customers.

Speaking of which…

The Lead Generation Made Easy Guide for Consultants, Coaches and Service Professionals which will help you know how to generate leads for your business is currently on sale.

With this guide, you'll know how to:

– Identify your target market

– Discover the challenges they are currently going though

– The EXACT solutions they need.

– Repeat their own words to them to trigger sales

– Turn just one customer into your regular ATM using a simple technique.

– And much more..

You get a free 60 minutes business consultation with me when you get this guide.

Get it here — https://gum.co/lUWrM

Delay no further…


Joseph “Business around lifestyle” Philip

Joseph Philip

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