April 20


How To Breathe The Breath Of Life Into A Dead Email List

By Joseph Philip

April 20, 2021

Your email list is dead.
Probably it's been a very long time you last messaged that list.
And you think they won't ever respond to you if you send them an email.
I got you.
This brief article will show you what you can do to sprinkle the pixie dust of life on your email list.
And guess what?
That dead email list can come back to life.
So, let's roll.
First and foremost, you need to diagnose the cause of the death of that email list in the first place.
Were you just too busy?
Did you just lose interest in sending them an email?
Or probably, you ran out of ideas on what to send to that email list…
Whatever the cause, identify it and ensure it doesn't repeat itself again.
If it does, it means you will keep going in a circle.
And that's not what you want, isn't it?
Alright Sparky, let's get into the lab.
  1. Sincerely apologize to your email list – They are human beings and should be treated well in that sense. Send them a mail acknowledging your mistake(s) and then telling them such won't repeat itself again (Be sincere about this). You might also need to do a re-introduction of yourself and what you do.
  1. Give something valuable for free – This could be a training, an online course, a free live training, etc. This is to spark engagement in your emails. Ensure what you are giving out for free actually solves a problem for them and not something watery. If it's watery, it will do more damage to your brand than you think.
  1. Become consistent and over deliver – After you give them something valuable for free, it's now time for you to be consistent in delivering value in your emails to them. Ensure you reach out to them at least once a week. This is very important else your list could grow cold again and finally die… And I guess, this is not what you want. Right?
So, that's how to revive a dead email list.
One other thing I'll add is this – when your list begins to engage with your emails, segment the very active ones from those who are not active. Then, send more of your emails to the active ones.
This will improve your email deliverability in the long run.
As for the inactive ones, you can choose to delete them after a while.
And that's it on today's show.
Did you get value?
Let me know in the comments.
Talk to you soon.

Joseph Philip

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