July 1


How To Be Successful And Not Miserable

By Joseph Philip

July 1, 2021

“Joseph, is it possible to be successful and miserable?”

Yes, very much well.

“You mean if I make the kind of money I want or meet the kind of people I desire to meet, I can still be miserable?”

Of course, you can.

In fact, your success can lead you to misery.

“Joseph, break this down for me. I really want to understand what you mean.”


Before I delve into the explanation you seek, let me share this quote by Stuart Wilde with you –

““Success is not what you have, it’s how you feel about what you have.”

In the System Club Letters by Ken McCarthy, he said,

“The mechanics of making money is very straightforward. It’s a lot like
going to trade school and learning how to be a plumber.

Connect the pipes the right way and the money flows. It’s a complete impartial, non-mystical process.

The real challenge of the game is disciplining yourself – and it is a
discipline – to enjoy the process and enjoy where you’re at wherever that may be.

This is, in fact, the most intensely practical – and sustainable – foundation for creating lasting success in any endeavour.”

You see, satisfaction with what you have at any stage of life is what will continually give you peace of mind and ensure you don't end up being miserable.

Look, you can be broke and miserable likewise be miserable when you become wealthy.

The goal is to be contented with what you have at whatever stage of life you are right now.

I'm not prompting you to live without pursuit of greater achievement or success.

No, I'm not.

What I am simply implying is that you should learn to enjoy life at your present level, be okay with what you have and then do all you can to aspire to greater heights without losing sense of your purpose and humanity.



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Have a lovely life.

Joseph “Contended” Philip

Joseph Philip

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