March 24


How Often Should I Sell In My Email?

By Joseph Philip

March 24, 2021

This is a question that frequently pops-up in the minds of many people who want to use email marketing to grow their business or those who are already using email marketing but don't know how to do it properly to get the right kind of revenue they desire.
You don't worry Sparky.
I've got you.
First and foremost, your emails should be about giving value.
Disclaimer: I don't do ecommerce emails so if you are in that niche, this might not be useful to you.
When I talk about value, your email should have one thing or the other your list can benefit from.
This is where using storytelling or infotainment comes to play. (I'll write about this in subsequent articles).
So, as I was saying, your email should be one that your audience should always be on the look out for.
One they don't want to miss and are always eager to open.
Now, if you already have this at the back of your mind, selling to your audience shouldn't be hard.
I'm a fan of Ben Settle who sells every day in his emails – and to be candid, I really enjoy reading those emails as I learn one or two things from them.
I also am subscribed to Justin Goff‘s email list where he majorly sells when he has one event or product to market. His daily emails are about value and I read them too (learning along the way as I do).
For the corporate consulting firm I worked with sometime ago as a lead generation executive/email marketer, I only talked about the company's training program once a week and that's on Thursdays. Tuesdays and Wednesdays (which are the other days I sent out emails are basically for adding value and sharing workplace fun).
Some email copywriters say that you shouldn't train your email list to always be freebie minded all the time as it numbs their mind to buying from you when you sell (which I think is true as I have personally experienced this).
Some others say you should give enough value before you sell anything (I also buy into this as I think giving value ahead primes your email list and makes them ready to buy for you when you sell).
Just find out what works for your audience.
There's no one way to knowing how often you should sell in your emails.
The bottom line is that your email should always be valuable, fun, challenging and sometimes confrontational.
That's it from my wealth of experience about selling via email.
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