September 7


How Do You Get Rid Of An Addiction?

By Joseph Philip

September 7, 2021

I am addicted to watching movies.
It's one of my weak areas – which sometimes affect my productivity.
I remember some years back that I lost my first laptop because as at the time I was supposed to be in my office working, I was at home sleeping and left the laptop in the office with my staff. The reason I was sleeping that morning was because I had watched a season movie throughout the night.
Unknown to him, a customer who walked in to do a typing job secretly put the laptop in his polythene bag and left whilst telling him he was coming back to get his job.
By the time my staff became aware that the laptop was no longer there, the man was nowhere to be found.
And of course, he didn't come back to collect his job.
There are some addictions that are not helping you right now and you need to get rid of them.
For me, I am doing all I can to ensure I reduce or completely cut off this addiction.
And one of the ways I am doing this is by not feeding this desire whenever I'm online.
I'm trying to ensure I focus on what I just want to do.
It's hard but it's doable.
And I've been getting good results doing this.
Another way I'm cutting off this addiction is by praying. Yes, praying.
There's nothing a sincere hearted prayer to God cannot achieve.
And as I am praying, I'm backing it up with corresponding action.
So, that's what I'm doing to cut off my addiction and become more productive.
And talking of becoming more productive, many people are addicted to posting sales broadcasts all over the internet but get little or no sales in return.
I have seen this addiction robbing so many people of their happiness as they can't understand why it is very difficult for them to make sales despite all their constant online posting.
Let me show you how to break this addiction of screaming ‘buy buy buy' without any meaningful result.
Get the Education Based Marketing video training course that shows you how to sell without selling.
This course will cure your unhappiness and ensures that you know how to get your customers pay you for what you sell.
And that's not all.
In this course, I show you a major foundation you have to lay before you embark on educational based marketing – without which you will fall completely flat on the face in failure.
This is a no-fluff practical course that will definitely turn your business around.
Enough of the prep.
Here's the link to enrol in the course right now –
Joseph ‘Breaking My Addiction' Philip

Joseph Philip

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