July 27


Webinar Funnel for Planora Solutions

By Joseph Philip

July 27, 2020


This project was setup for a service professional - a chartered accountant to be precise.

She wanted to sell her accounting knowledge to small business owners.

A previous client referred her to me and we had a call about all she wanted done.

So, what we arrived at was to setup a webinar funnel where she would teach her prospects for free via her Telegram group.

I thereafter setup the webinar funnel which included a registration page and a thank you page which contains the link to join the telegram group.

I then setup Facebook Ads targeting the right prospects as well as the Facebook Ads copy which was written in a story format.

We had 106 leads optin-in with the Cost Per Lead (CPL) around $0.19. The ads budget was around $20.

Here's the webinar registration page - https://planorasolutions.com

Joseph Philip

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