June 29



By Joseph Philip

June 29, 2021

The ability to ‘improvise' is an important (scratch that) essential skill that every business or career person has to have.

In fact your ability to improvise can be the difference between the death or survival of your business.

According to the dictionary, the word improvise means two things:

1 – To invent, compose or recite without preparation and 
2 – To provide from available materials.

I'll be sticking with the 2nd definition as it relates to this article.

Now, let me share a personal story with you.

During the pandemic lockdown last year, I began to think of what I could do to earn money to take care of myself.

I was so much worried because I looked into the coming months and saw hunger and lack staring into my face.

Much more, I was concerned for the youths of my church as I began to think of what I could do to help them to make money online.

Being someone who had become very much used to doing all my work on the laptop, I began to think of ways I could put my smartphone to use as the public power supply in the was nothing to write home about.

Having thought some youths in the past about graphics design using canva.com (a web/app based graphics design tool), I decided to teach the youths of my church this skill in our whatsapp group.

They were happy and ready to learn.

One of the things I have discovered in life is that when you begin to take action on what you are supposed to do, things begin to fall in place for you.

During the course of the training, I came across a training on how to do the same graphics designs via the canva app.

I paid for the training and upgraded my knowledge.

As I was learning new things, I was also teaching the youths what I was learning.

When I finished the training with them, I made a decision to create a course and named it Smartphone Graphics Design Pro.

After I created the course using my smartphone, I gave it out to my church youths for free and also gave them a sales copy to help them sell the course if they desired to sell it. 

And yes, I told them to keep the money.

I went further ahead to begin to advertise the course on my whatsapp status and in whatsapp groups I belonged to that allowed such.


I made good sales from the course and even had people giving me graphics design jobs to do for them.

Bottom line, I improvised using what was available to me at that moment – my will, my smartphone and skill.

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Talk soon.

Joseph “Improvistor” Philip

Joseph Philip

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