5 Days Email List Building Challenge

For: Coaches, Consultants, Experts, and Service Professionals

At the end of this challenge, you will be able to set your own email list and also learn how to build a viable relationship with your email list that makes it easier for you to sell to them in the long run.

Here's why you needed to have had an email marketing setup for your business yesterday.

1. While Social Media is a good platform to growing a profitable and engaged business, it has one big flaw that can HARM YOUR BUSINESS. YOU DON'T HAVE CONTROL OVER IT. 

I have read too many stories of individuals who lost their businesses simply because their accounts were suspended or deactivated by these social media platforms for one reason or the other.

You own your email list when you set it up.

2. According to a 2019 study by DMA, email marketing’s return on investment is 42:1 on an average. This implies, if you invest $1 in your email marketing activities, you’ll get $42 in return.

3. With an email list (when you properly nurture it), you have an evergreen ready-to-buy customers list at your disposal.

4. Your email list enables you to send personalized messages which help to creating a bond between you and your audience.

5. An email list gives you the ability to upsell higher cost products or services to people who have already purchased a lower priced product or service.

Here's What You Will Learn During The Challenge

Day 1

Why building an email list is important for growing your business.

- 3 Reasons Why You Need An Email List For Your Business
- The Various Component Parts Of An Email List Set Up.
- The 3 Ws That Ensure Your Email List Building Success.

- Crafting An Elevator Pitch for your Business.

Day 2

How To Design an Attractive Ecover For Your Lead Magnet (Freebie Offer) Using Free Tools Online.

Day 3

How To Setup Your Landing Page & Automate The Delivery of the Lead Magnet Using an online free tool.

Day 4

How To Get More People To Opt-in To Your Email List.

Day 5

How To Convert Your Email List Subscribers to Paying Customers & Tips For Writing Daily Emails That Convert.


Joseph Philip is highly recommended. He sure knows his onions.


When it comes to email marketing, sales funnels and even facebook ads, Joseph is my go-to person. He knows how to capture exactly what I want to say to my audience in such a way that resonates with them. We have partnered on 6-figure digital course launches as a network and social media coach on more than one occasion.

- oham ruth (social media/network marketing coach)

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