July 6


Are You Growing?

By Joseph Philip

July 6, 2021

Last week, I went out submitting proposals to organize a free one day skill acquisition enlightenment seminar to some schools. The purpose of the seminar is to basically open the eyes of the students to the importance of acquiring skills that will prepare them for either their career or business in the future.

And so, when I got to a particular town where I grew up (lived there for 20 years), I began to see the massive developments that had taken place. The once quiet village was now a commercial town with lots of residential houses converted to shops and warehouses.

In fact, my dad sold the house he built on the outskirts of the town about 4 years ago, as the place was no longer conducive for living. He used the proceeds of that sale to complete his house in another state.

Many people whom I knew in the past were no longer there.

For every new building I saw, I had a flashback to the previous building or structure that was there in the past. This didn't come as a rude shock to me but it made me realize that development (or growth) is essential to the wellbeing of individuals.

There was a particular road I passed through and discovered that houses had been built there reducing the road to something like a footpath.

I was amazed.

What am I trying to draw out from all of these?

It's simply this question…

Are you growing?

Are you really growing?

Are you doing things that will move your life forward spiritually, maritally, financially and otherwise?

Are you?

This is a time for sober reflection – so that you don't just continue to advance in age without any meaningful growth or contribution to life.

If you need to purchase courses, pay for coaching or consulting or whatever it needs be, please do it so that you can create the kind of life you desire.

Speaking of which, the Lead Generation Made Easy Guide for Consultants, Coaches and Service Professionals which will help you know how to generate highly targted leads for your business is available.

With this guide, you'll know how to:
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– And much more..

You get a free 60 minutes business consultation with me to help you develop an action plan that will help your business grow.

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That's it for today.

Joseph ‘Growing Consistently' Philip

Joseph Philip

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