July 14


Are You A Gatekeeper?

By Joseph Philip

July 14, 2021

It is the natural tendency of human beings to want to restrict access to the ladder of success.
Some people (probably you as well) act as gatekeepers and will not want others to taste the success they are currently enjoying.
In fact, some people are happy that you are suffering and they will do anything they can to ensure you keep suffering.
Such is the case with our country Nigeria (and perhaps in many nations of the world) where the rich/politicians do all they can to keep ‘killing' the masses with taxes, unfavourable policies and a whole lot of other things that is meant to restrict them to the level they are.
Such is the wickedness of the human heart.
Check your heart this morning.
Are you serving as a stumbling block to the progress of others or are you doing what you can in your own capacity to contribute to their success?
A Nigerian proverbs says, “A rich man in the midst of many poor people is also a poor man.”
Live and let live.
Stop hoarding knowledge.
Share it.
One of the lessons I have learnt over the years is that we are inexhaustible as human beings. If you share the knowledge you already have, it taps into the depth of the abundant resources inside of you and links you up to higher knowledge. This I have learnt by practical experience.
One other lesson I want to pass across today is this – Stop limiting people with the words of your mouth.
The fact that you were not able to achieve something does not mean that other people will also not be able to achieve it. Don't tell them they cannot simply because you couldn't.
Many people you look up to have damaged your confidence and have reduced you to their own level of thinking.
No, you can rise above that.
Yes, you are meant for much more.
Don't allow others cast their limitation upon you.
Go ahead and do what you desire to do.
I hope this piece has been beneficial to you today.
If it has, what's the lesson you have learnt?
Hit the reply button and let me know right now.
I'll read your reply and also send you my response as well.
Cheers to a lovely and fulfilling day.
Joseph “Not a gatekeeper” Philip
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Joseph Philip

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