April 26


Am I Guaranteed To Make Money From Email Marketing?

By Joseph Philip

April 26, 2021

Someone asked a question in a copywriting Facebook group I belong to.

His question went thus:

“Please, if I actually take my time to get the ****** course, am I guaranteed to be able to get a client in weeks at least, or I have to join the ******** membership as well? I'd love some clarification on this. Thanks, everyone”

Many people replied him.

But I'm going to share two replies and draw lessons from them.

Here's the first one.

There are no guarantees in life.

You could drop 40k on ***** course and not get a single client out of it.

You can also skip out on the **** course and etch out a great living writing copy.

User experience may vary.

But that’s life for you.”

Here's the second one.

“It all comes down to whether you apply what you’re being taught.

The guarantee doesn’t come from the course, comes from you.

Can you guarantee yourself you’ll get your first client?”

I quite agree with these answers.

Do you know why?

Let me tell you.

From personal experience, I have discovered that if I attend any training, workshop, or seminar and don't apply what I learnt, I won't make a DIME.

But the moment I begin to work hard at implementing what I learnt and overcoming any obstacle in the process, I discover I begin to get more people interested in what I am doing and paying me money to do so.

That's why you are your greatest investment and guarantee.

I can boldly tell you that I have made money from email marketing both for myself and for coaches I have worked with in the past.

Nonetheless, I don't guarantee that you will make money from email marketing.

The reason is this – if you are not ready to put in the work but expecting some magic wand to be waved in the air for money to start dropping on your laps, then I don't want to work with you at all.

If you are also not ready to play the long term gain in email marketing, then it's better you don't ask me to work with you in setting up an email marketing system for your business.

And that's just that about that.


Talk to you soon.

Joseph Philip

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