A Few Committed Individuals Ready To Do Whatever And All It Takes To Make The Rest Of 2019 Your Best Year Ever!

You already know building a successful business online takes working hard, creating content, publishing, testing and optimizing to reach your financial goals...  And it's probable that you're already on this path.

However, the #1 GUARANTEED way to speed up your success is through personal guidance from a mentor who has created the result you desire and has a track record of helping individuals like you achieve their goals.

This is therefore your OWN chance to create bigger than ever results, success, productivity and income breakthroughs for you, your family and all you do in the remaining part of 2019 and beyond! 


Hi, my name is Joseph Philip and I have just this one question for you...

Do you know the meaning of the word - insanity?

It’s simply doing the same things you’ve always done over and over again but expecting different results.

Which leads to my most important prediction for the rest of 2019:

"If you don’t change SOMETHING this year… Your life will struggle, your business will struggle... Or worse still, go backwards!

You’ll make the same money (or even less!) than last year… 

You’ll end up wasting much more precious time…

And you could end up being frustrated than ever before"

But you see, it doesn’t have to be that way!

I suffer heartbreaks imagining you suffering like that when you don’t have to.

I am here and ready to help you avoid all of that misery…


Because I want to help you leap frog over ALL your "barriers” so you can start ACHIEVING YOUR DREAMS as fast as possible.

After more than 12 years of running several businesses and making money online with my skills, expertise and knowledge…

I’ve discovered what it takes to growing a lucrative lifestyle business online that can offer you a level of lifestyle freedom and financial freedom most people only wish they have.

But first, let me ask you something…

Are You Wasting Your Precious Time, Energy And Money So Overwhelmed With Ideas & Not Taking The Right & Consistent Actions?

Do you feel burnt out and always stressed out because you are spending all your free time on your business, but don’t feel like you are making any meaningful progress fast enough?

Do you want more free time and more money…? But you just keep getting less and less of both?

Today, there are more shiny objects, distractions, overpriced (and outdated) courses, and lots of people promoting and promising you what they are not than ever before.

So, if you don’t have a well laid out and proven plan to follow and someone to help you overcome the constant challenges and obstacles that ARE on your path to achieving your goals in life and business, it can leave you feeling helpless, frustrated and paralyzed.

Never really knowing what NEXT to do about the constant challenges and struggle.

Always doubting if your foot is set on the right path or not…

Unable to speedily overcome the sticking points and barriers that so many individuals like you can waste months or years with…

Leaving you feeling TOTALLY confused and overwhelmed…

And then at the end of the day, nothing gets done.  


No REAL progress is made in your life or business…

No new leads asking about your business, no new cash flowing in…

And you end up with more time wasted in vain...yes, in vain...

​Listen… You’re not alone!

Many individuals these days don’t know what to do to survive, grow and THRIVE in this fast moving ‘new world’ of digital business…


The Achieve Your Goals Mentorship Academy

An Academy Dedicated To Helping You In The Areas Of Clarity, Precision, Execution and Accountability - All In One Place

Here's what The Achieve Your Goals Mentorship Academy will help you achieve:

1. It will help you in the area of clarity as regards what you need to do to move your life and business forward.

2. It will help you remove the clutter around your mind, assisting you to take the bold step you need to take right now.

3. It will provide you with direct links to resources - both human and material that you will need to achieve your goals.

4. It will provide you with laser focus. This will empower you to focus on one single thing you want to achieve rather than multitasking without any meaningful result.

5. It will ensure you become accountable. You will be expected to submit a weekly report of your activities towards your goals achievement.

This Mentorship Academy Is Not For You:

  • If you are not ready to commit to your dream. 
  • If you are not ready to create time to put in the WORK required to grow your business…
  • If you are looking for a “magic pill” that will help you “get money fast” without putting in the work - then this is DEFINITELY not for you.
  • If you think passive income can simply ‘manifest’ out of the blues by just pasting links here and there without investing the time, energy and capital required to add VALUE to the world… Forget it! This is not for you!
  • If you are an information collector who just wants to join the academy and get access to the weekly trainings and resources without TAKING ACTION, you need to pass on this one.


The Achieve Your Goals Mentorship Academy Is for “Action Takers” only…

An Action Taker understands the lifelong principle of investing your time, energy and sweat equity if you want the BIG REWARD!

When I say “Action Takers” I don't mean I’m only offering the opportunity to be a part of the academy to only veteran entrepreneurs and marketers.

Not at all!

If you are ready to get committed to doing whatever it takes, you can create the time needed, and you can afford the monthly investment comfortably, join in…

I’m more than happy to welcome you even if you are just starting out!

In fact, you’ll make faster progress a lot than you would trying to figure out all this stuff on your own.

But you’ll get the best “value for money” if you already have a business that is successful…

Because it is simply easier for me to help you steer the car of your business that is already moving!

But if you need help getting into motion as a starter…

I’m here to help you as well!

Either way, I can help you find those small hinges that swing the big doors open in your business…

Help you find the missing pieces to the puzzle that others in your niche have and overlooked and continue to overlook.

The Achieve Your Goals Mentorship Academy is the closest thing to having a “shortcut to success” and unfair advantage over your competitors!



How To Generate Highly Targeted Leads For Your Coaching/Consulting Business (VALUE: $47)

If you are a coach or consultant, this training is for you. In this training, you will learn

- How To Niche Down.
- How To Identify The Exact Customers You Should Be Speaking To.
- How To Setup A Lead Generation System.
- How To Generate Value Driven Content and
- How To Create Packages For Your Consulting/Coaching Business.

​Seven Steps To Increasing Your Online Visibility (VALUE: $28)

Becoming visible online is a MUST for you if you want customers to purchase your products/services. However, there are ways to go about this effectively in order to ensure you target the right audience. This course will show you practical steps to becoming more visible online THE RIGHT WAY!

EDUCATION BASED MARKETING SECRETS (How To Use The Power Of Education Based Marketing To Get More Clients To Patronize Your Products/Services [VALUE: $47]

This is a practical training course that puts into your hands the strategies you need to be able to get more clients/customers easily for your business.

In this training, I divulge the EXACT SECRETS I make use of in getting clients for my businesses.

THE BUSINESS OF YOUR EXPERTISE (How To Profit From Your Skill, Knowledge And Professional Expertise) [VALUE: $56]

If It's Your Desire To Learn How To Monetize Your Existing Knowledge, Then This Training Is For You.

In this video training, you will learn:

- How To Take Stock Of Your Knowledge, Skill And Expertise.
- How To Identify Who You Should Serve.
- How To Own Your Message.
- How To Become An Attractive Character That Makes People Like You And Purchase From You.
- How To Locate Your Target Audience.
- How To Structure The Business Of Your Expertise.
And Lots More...

Another Testimonial From A Satisfied Client

My name is Bukola Odunsi, I am the C.E.O of BIDECKY CONSULT (www.bideckyconsult.com.ng). I started bulksms in the year 2012, I had 12 unhappy resellers as at 2014, I said unhappy because people were doing well in the business but we were not due to many technical issues from the technical part of the bulksms portal.

This challenge made me started the journey of knowing and having full understanding of what is the engine behind bulksms portal.

With this on my mind, I approached the man that set up our bulksms portal, he billed me 50,000naira to learn how to setup bulksms portal in two weeks. I paid and did the training but I knew close to nothing, whenever I setup any portal, he will pull it down with one reason or the other and build another portal that suite him. I was on this mountain for so long, but kept looking for who can help and teach me how to setup bulksms portal.

My quest for knowledge took me to JIJI where I saw a video on how to setup bulksms portal for 7,000naira, I picked up my phone, dial the seller Mr Joseph Philip, explained to him that I need more than his video I needed him to mentor me on bulksms business. Without paying a dime he sent down to Ibadan this video that changed my story. I made payment after I got the video.

Not only do I now understand how bulksms portal is been setup, I have trained so many people and training still ongoing, plus I have setup beautiful portals like, www.bideckysms.comwww.pvrbulksms.com.ng, www.telikomsms.com, www.topforasms.comwww.mintmanual.comwww.biotolbulksms.com and lately www.symosms.com.ng

Mr. Joseph is not just a trainer but a mentor and a leader, He killed it with the recent video of how to setup bulksms portal in 30minutes, and this is a powerful video that has made setting up bulksms portal more than easy for anybody that can on a computer system

This Client Invited Me To Train Her Staff For 3 Days In Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

With my personal attention answering your questions in the academy, the multiple member’s only live reviews each month plus the catalogue of elite internet marketing training…

I could charge a fee of $300 per month…

But I'm not in this to milk money from you, I want to turn you into a SUCCESS STORY! 

You see, I have this burning passion inside of me to help as many people I can find their footing in life and make progress in their businesses.!

Do you know why?

I started my own computer training school here in Lagos, Nigeria in 2007 with no money - yes with no money.

I was not even that good with computer applications. I used to study overnight so that I could be equipped to teach my students the next day. 

I remember the many days of cashlessness, hopelessness and despair.

It was very difficult.

But somehow - by God's grace, dedication to working hard and researching various ways to become successful, I found ways out.

So, that's why I'm not going to ask you for your arms and legs to be part of the academy.

Therefore, right now…

You can get full access to the academy, to the EXCLUSIVE masterminds, to me, and to all of the trainings for just $27 per month (N10,000) only…

At this low-entry price… The Achieve Your Goals Mentorship Academy is as “no-brainer” as it gets because…

As long as you take courageous action and follow through on what you’re provided with, you will be able to…


After you complete your checkout, I will personally call you and have some 5-10minutes discussion with you…

After the call, you will get a welcome mail containing the link to all the courses promised as well as access to the members only ELITE facebook group. 

And at that instant, you will know without any iota of doubt that you are set on a new path…

Yes, you are on the fast track to success!

Rather than figuring it out alone, month after month, year after year…

Having absolutely ZERO certainty in your business, income and financial future.

I want you to SERIOUSLY consider a different future.

Imagine being able to wake up every day and know what you ought to do and laser focus on it with precision and then hitting the bull's eye.

Imagine being able to predict the quantity and quality of traffic, leads and sales every month. 

Imagine having a predictable and steady stream of leads and customers who line up and beg you to [;ease take their money.

Imagine how much positive, happier, and at peace you and your family will feel being able to pay off your debts completely and knowing certainly that next month’s income is there!

​Imagine the pride you’ll feel when all those people who doubted you, mocked you and said you’d never make it, hear that you are firing your boss as you break out of the rat race once and for all!

​Imagine living life on your terms… Wake up when you want.  Travel when you want.  Buy what you want, when you want…

​With no one to answer to!

​Imagine getting to experience pure entrepreneurial FREEDOM…




​If you want that level of success and you recognize the value of an experienced mentor who has ‘been there and done that’ guiding you…

Helping you to outrank and out-convert your competitors…

​Showing you the shortcut to more traffic, a bigger list and unlimited cashflow potential…

I invite you to become a member of The Achieve Your Goals Mentorship Academy.

And I’m standing by, now… Looking forward to working with you soon and helping you make the rest of 2019 your BEST YEAR EVER!