August 5


5 Reasons Why You Need Email Marketing For Your Business

By Joseph Philip

August 5, 2021

Beginning from today, I will be sharing as much as I know about email marketing.

The reason I'm doing this is to let you know that you can increase your sales capacity all year round when you understand what email marketing is all about and how you can implement it in your business.

There's hardly any industry email marketing can't work.

About 2 years ago, I consulted for a management consulting firm, helping them segment their email lists and crafting emails 3 times a week to their corporate clients.

If you are into ecommerce, you will be leaving a lot of money on the table if you don't use email marketing to build a relationship with your prospects and sell to them further down the line.

I have worked with coaches in the past 2-3 years (one in the UK and another in Nigeria) helping them make multiple 6 figures via email marketing.

Personally, I have time and over made 6 figures selling online courses and coaching programs via email marketing.

So, what I will be sharing with you are things that I know have worked for me and my past clients.

I won't be boring you with theoretical nonsense just to impress.

No, that's not me.

Having said all of this, let me begin this series with 5 reasons why you need email marketing for your business.


Let's hit the ground running…

  1. Email delivers the highest returns on investment (ROI)For every $1 you spend in advertising, statistics have shown that email marketing generates $40 in ROI. For ten years in a row now, email is the channel generating the highest ROI for marketers. Why then should you not consider implementing it for your business?
  1. Your clients/prospects actually prefer email over other channels for communication – According to a study in 2020, it was found that “83% of consumers state that they prefer to hear from their favorite brands via email.” With approximately 2.3 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2019, this should not surprise you.

  1. Email marketing will help you boost sales – The pandemic actually opened the eyes of so many small businesses to the reality of integrating email marketing in their businesses. Since there was lockdown in most countries around the world, many businesses closed down while those that survived did through the use of effective email marketing strategies to grow their businesses.

  1. Email marketing enables you to get to know your target audience better – With email marketing, you get to know your audience on a more personal level. You get to know the kind of content they would love to read or not. You get to know when they are more likely to open your emails, you also get to know the kind of appropriate language to make use of in ‘speaking' to them. Social media most times doesn't allow for this kind of deep personal conversational one-on-one experience with your audience.

  1. Measurability – With email marketing software, you can know those who opened your email, the links that were clicked as well as how many people unsubscribed. Whilst these are metrics that you shouldn't bother ‘so much' about, knowing them will help you make adjustments and ultimately improve your effectiveness as a whole.

There you have it for today.

Tomorrow, I'll be continuing with this series.

If you have any question, simply hit the reply button and send your question right away.

I'll read and reply you.

Do have a wonderful day.

Joseph Philip
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