May 17


3 Things You Must Know Before Writing Any Email

By Joseph Philip

May 17, 2021

Many people make fundamental mistakes when it comes to writing emails that pull in the sales.

They hear writing daily emails brings in sales and boom…they jump on the bandwagon.

After a few tries, they lament saying, “Emails don't work.”

Are you in the same bandwagon with them already?

If you are, don't worry. I'm here to help you.

And if you are not, that's good. Let me help you get the basics ‘write' before writing any email.


Let's roll then…

I call these 3 secrets the 3Ws.

And what are they?

They are: Who, Why and What.

1. WHO

Before you start writing emails, you must have CLEAR UNDERSTANDING of WHO you want to write emails too.

This implies that you must KNOW YOUR TARGET MARKET and what makes them tick.

You must know what their hopes and dreams are.

Their frustrations, their failures and their motivation for life.

This is one area where many business people miss it.

Some are lazy to actually take time to find out who their target market is while some are just plain ignorant and don't even know they are supposed to do that.

Whichever category you probably fall in, you will save yourself a lot of frustration if you do this first before doing anything that relates to marketing your business.

You can go online and make use of forums, Quora, facebook groups or Google to do a thorough research about your target market. 

Got that?


Let's zoom to the 2nd W…

2. WHY

This WHY is the REASON or better put PURPOSE of your email.

It is the reason why you are emailing your target market.

Your WHY should be primarily focused on providing solutions to the problems of your target market.

It should not be based on what you WANT.

Let me clear the air about this with this personal example.

My WHY is to share daily email marketing tips that help coaches, consultants, experts and service professionals make more money offering their products and services whilst having fun at the same time.

A bad example of my WHY would be: To make more sales of my Profitable Daily Email Marketing course.

The 2nd example sounds very selfish and focuses on me while the first example is focused on helping my target audience create viable relationships with their email list and make more money in the process.

Every email you write should have ONE specific WHY.

Don't confuse your target audience.

Got that?

The last W…


This refers to the action you want them to take after reading your email.

It's most times referred to as your CTA (Call To Action).

What is the next step after your readers have read your email?

Do you want them to buy a product or service? Simply tell them to click the link to buy


You want to lead them on the path to purchasing your product or service? 

Tell them to click the button or link to schedule a consulting session with you. Or join your facebook group, or subscribe to your YouTube channel, watch a Webinar, etc..

Every email you send out should have one primary CTA.

Having many CTAs can confuse your readers and probably lead them to inaction – which I guess is not something you want for them.


And that does it for this email.

Here's my CTA…

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Joseph Philip

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