April 27


3 Surefire Tips For Writing Daily Emails Your Email List Will Always Look Forward To

By Joseph Philip

April 27, 2021

Some months ago while working with a female transformational coach, we had to setup a new sales funnel for a particular training program we were working on.

And being the one in charge of writing daily emails, we agreed that I should pause a bit to finish the sales funnel before continuing sending daily emails to her main list.
So, I didn't email her list for about 3 to 4 days.
The shocking surprise was that some of her email subscribers began to send her emails asking why they had not been receiving her emails of late.
She forwarded those emails to them and my heart leapt for joy knowing fully well that my emails were actually impacting her audience positively.
So, how can you write emails that your subscribers look forward to and even send you a mail when you don't send them a mail for some days?
That's what I want to share with you in this article.
  1. Don’t always teach your subject matter in your emails – What I mean is this. It's not every time you should always teach what you know. You MAY run out of content before you know it.
Teaching your subject matter actually positions you as an authority/expert in the eyes of your audience which is very important.
However, you need to know how to spice up your emails with some bit of entertainment.
Yes, you heard me right – sprinkle your email with some form of entertainment.
“So, how do I do that?” You ask.
Read on Sparky…
  1. Share personal stories – That's what I did at the start of this article. I simply shared a personal story. In doing so, I am creating a picture in the eyes of your mind, bringing you along with me to imagine the scenario. And as I share the personal story, I draw out lessons from it – which is exactly what I am doing now.
Sharing your personal story also helps to show your authenticity.
Your email list want to feel the human connection to you.
They want to read about your challenges, your failures, your successes, the things that make you happy or sad, your principles for living life plus a whole lot of other things.
They simply want to know more about you.
I know it's uncomfortable at first.
But if you continue to do this, you will get better at it.
Note however to be very careful when sharing personal stories that may harm you in the future.
So, let's swim to the river bank of the 3rd and final sure-fire tip for writing daily emails that your list will be eager and ready to read.
Put on your swimming gear and let's dive straight in..
  1. Curate stories from social media, online forums, and even offline and retell them – Social media contains a huge database of stories that are share everyday as well as your day-to-day life.
You can retell the stories you hear or read about in your own way and squeeze out lessons or inspiration from them.
Yesterday, I sent an email to my list by retelling a question asked by someone in a copywriting facebook group I belong to and two of the replies he got.
I then added my own perspective and thereafter informed them about a Daily Email Writing Coaching Program.
So, I didn't tell my own story.
I curated a question and answers segment in a Facebook group and slapped it with my own line of thought and slapped it with an offer to my email list.
So, that's it Sparky.
3 surefire tips for writing daily emails that your email list will always look forward to.
Got value?
Let me know in the comment below.

Joseph Philip

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